Bandcamp No-Fee Day coming 1st December 2023.

Hubba hubba

So yeah, all monies spent will go to the artists with Bandcamp taking no cuts.


We’re donating any sales on that day to Trussell Trust for foodbanks :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks for the plug!


Oooh lovely.


Please remind us about this tomorrow, will grab a few things for sure :heart:


Dammit, I just bought a bunch of stuff - didn’t realise this was Friday only.

Guess I’ll just have to buy more tomorrow!!


Running midnight to midnight PST so from 8am UK time I believe.

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Oh really. So not in effect in Aus at all on Friday I guess? I’ll have to check.

Yer a good egg, theo


All sales of Disintegration State music will instead go towards The Trussell Trust who support food banks. We know everyone is in different positions, so use dis_state_75 at checkout if you want to make a smaller donation. Every penny/cent/etc helps support the most vulnerable x


Have started a thread on Twitter and will add one of yours.

Can everyone share this thread and chip in a recommendation? We’ll retweet some of your picks.


Pictish Trail is doing a fundraiser:

Doing my own thread too

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A whole load of recs here, if you need more :yellow_heart:


Memphis Industries have also gone pay-what-you-want today, all funds going directly to the artists. Lots of good stuff on there.

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Lots of artists seem to be joining bandcamp in donating all proceeds today to good causes. Such a positive community.


i happened to notice the Rozi Plain one was PWYW earlier so paid a few quid for it. same for the latest So Cow album.

also got the second Arvo Party album and the Damo Suzuki & Minami Deutsch Live at Roadburn EP (and, comedy rather than music, but i got Michael Legge’s new show The Idiot which was the best show i saw at the Fringe last year)

will probably work through a few more things on the most affordable side of my wishlist. might get either the new Four Tet or New Energy, might treat myself to a Damaged Bug album as well. we’ll see.

Ooooh might get this myself

How are there not more comedians using bandcamp?

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New show is a fiver, his last show is pay what you want

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Here’s my little label of love.

Solo works as RobinPlaysChords.

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