Bandcamp No-Fee Day coming 5th Mar 2021 (post 462)

Vile Creature [doom metal from Canada] are doing another mystery merch sale. Last mystery item was a calendar with pictures of their cats. No idea how they can top that but pre-ordered anyway

I’ve pre-ordered the Paul Quinn boxset from the Poatcard Records Bandcamp. £125 + £15 delivery so that’s me done for the day.

I love that Warrington-Runcorn album, got it on yellow vinyl a few weeks ago. A very Craven Faults/Pye Corner Audio vibe to it.


Was just going get the latest Hænesy album but their bc page had their whole discography for €8, why not I thought!

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Just a few bits, got the Christian fitness taco vinyl as well.

Ô Paon benefit album thing, some avant clarinet noise music, merzbow and prurient collab and my pal’s EP on vinyl.

plus an Ô Paon album as well, looking forward to that

Was not as inspired today… live version of my favourite Boris album and a bongo Joe’s comp were my only non nyp buys…

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Bought a couple of Culture Shock LPs and that was me done today.

these for me today

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My purchases yesterday. The Andrea Laszlo De Simone purchases were vinyl, because I’ve been loving them so much, so decided they were worth the extra cost to come from Italy. The others were downloads.

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Been listening to the Andrea Laszlo de Simone record after seeing it, in your post. It’s really excellent…

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It really is! I think I spent at least half of the last month or so listening to it repeatedly after coming across his music. So many great songs on the album, and the EP is really nice too. Glad you’re enjoying it also!

Just saw this. Thank you! :slight_smile: