Bandcamp No-Fee Day coming 7th May 2021 (post 529)

The Built to Spill Daniel Johnston cover record has gone on (NB: shipping to the UK is pricy).

Soooo much good shit. GFP subscription bought already but I’ll be kicking back with a few beers and my Paypal account as soon as my work is finished.

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Tomberlin demos album on its way at some point.

Through the Bandcamp site, you can get 30% off the Late Night Tales collections - so you basically get the double albums for £14. Use the code MAY30.

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The “selling right now” thing on the home screen is zooming along, nice to see.


and it’s not even lunchtime yet!


Excellent this, thanks. My poor Paypal.

New Mogwai, TWDY, 65dos putting their EP’s up for cheap…man. My PayPal is gonna take some hammering today.


oh aye, the satan bandcamp is doing the usual ‘albums for a £1 and singles/ EPs at PWYW’ thing that I did last time, but now has loads of long lost physical stuff i was saving for tour in there as well. Also various solo bits are on sale too!

Big list here:


Is it just me that thinks €12.50 is too much for a digital album?
Then it will have VAT on top (I do wish it would just give the inc VAT price)

Yeah, Ilian Tape have always been on the pricy side on BC. The LP version is €22 inc. VAT, although postage is probably a bit more again…

METZ have a new PWYW single up. 2 offcuts from the Strange Peace sessions

Writing about my purchases on twitter

My mate Raj worked really hard to put this compilation together for R&S Records (and a very iconic t-shirt) with all proceeds going to the NHS - buy today!


thank you so much :yellow_heart:

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Liking the recovery girl record, pc music kinda thing

I think Mogwai have broken bandcamp.

kept timing out and I’ve now got a 20 minute download time.

hope they raise some cash for the good causes.

This is what I got today. It’s been an awesome Bandcamp day. Loving the wonderful music about.