Bandcamp No-Fee Day coming 7th May 2021 (post 529)

I love it conceptually but I won’t lie that I’ve felt somewhat pressured to wait to make a purchase until the day and frankly, my wallet can’t keep up with my wishlist. I’ve already spent nearly £40 on physical this week so I’ve had to be a lot more circumspect about today’s purchases - the two Perturbator albums are NYPs (I paid £6.66 for the pair but I want them on CD some day), the rest are largely small amounts though the Pye Corner Audio and Craven Faults are very good value imo:

It’s a nice thing to do but i mean 15% of a download is what… 75p? The extra push is nice but hopefully it’ll lead into more people using bandcamp in their normal course of listening/buying.


I still need to listen to the new Crowley

I’ve only had two or three listens so far, but really quite enjoyed it.


Oops, was thinking that today was the Bandcamp / charity day, but turns out it was yesterday!

Was a bit busy yesterday so only managed to pick up 2 things

New single from Lids (featuring members of METZ, Holy Fuck and Constantines) who I only discovered recently but had only released one previous single 6 years ago

And a compilation of unaccompanied folk songs with money split between two worthwhile charities