it me

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Blimey, I thought I had a lot in my wishlist! :grinning:

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it’s out of control!

i use bandcamp to stream and check stuff out a lot so save stuff for that purpose and then forget to un-wishlist them afterwards. also tend to wishlist loads of random stuff on my feed where i like the artwork

really need to have a clearout as it’s a nightmare to find anything, especially trying to remember things i wanted to buy on Bandcamp Friday


I made my first bandcamp purchases last year, bought Skee Mask’s Pool and the Loraine James wrong name EP. The Loraine James EP seems to have been removed, and I hadn’t downloaded it because I just assumed I could use the bandcamp streaming service. Anyone had this kind of experience before, and is there anything I can do to retrieve my purchased files from bandcamp?

Only had a problem once, was a faulty file. Just contacted them and they sorted it straight away

Definitely a glitch.

does it not show in your collection?

No, it says its been removed - and suggests I contact Loraine James!

is their page still there? there’s usually contact details on the right side

Yeah the artist is - just feels a bit weird going to them to ask for files that I only paid £1 for on pay what you want (which sounds mean, but then I bought it two months ago and haven’t listened to it, only noticed when I looked at bandcamp to see if I could eke out any more new releases today).

ah, yeah that’s fair enough, i guess there might be a good reason they’ve taken it down too

“hey, you know that record you don’t want people to listen to anymore? well i payed a nominal fee for it, so can i have it please?”

I wonder if Sault 9 has gone for people who bought but didn’t download it

It’s still in my collection. I did download but not to my phone.

They usually just show as being “hidden” but still playable in your collection

I’ve followed a few DISers. What a jolly good idea. @yvash had me at

and I’m hoping there is an entire ecosystem of artists out there like Craven Faults.

That’s odd, I also bought this, and it’s still showing as per normal in my collection.

I totally forgot there is a bandcamp app, and I actually do see it there, it just doesn’t appear in my collection on the website. Thanks for checking!

DiS is me:


Deep England great album

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to expand the “If you like X, you may also like” section at the bottom of an album’s page on Bandcamp?

It used to be a good way of distilling the taste of a particular artist’s fanbase and a decent tool for finding related bands that I’d unfairly overlooked/never previously heard before. But for over a year now it’s primarily told me that I might like Punisher, regardless of what I’ve just been listening to. Would be great to get a whole page of crossover suggestions, so you could dive into more obscure acts and sub-genres.