Yeah, just checked this and it’s the same for me. Can see it in the app, but not the website. Which is a bit rubbish as that means you can’t download it to a PC again.

the app now has a Queue function

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Obi Wan GIF by Star Wars



got this but i can’t see anything different on the app (might not have updated yet though). also they don’t seem to have posted anything on the site about it or tweeted about it :man_shrugging:

I think it’s been a thing for a few weeks now. But I don’t really listen through the app very much.


If you do play anything through the app now it constantly pesters your notifications with its mini-player, even if you dismiss it or shut down the app. It literally will not go away unless you reopen the app and shut down the queue manually. Not impressed.

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Yep, been finding thst annoying. Was tempted to block notifications, but then i wouldnt get alerts for new releases.

I had to block them. It made it impossible to listen to anything on my phone on a Friday as every time anyone released anything it would bring up the player and stop what I was listening to

Fire Talk are doing PWYW all weekend:


Nice one. I like that Cola album and like what I’ve heard of Mandy, Indiana, but know anything else on that label. Also picked up a Young Prisms and Dehd album because I’ve vaguely heard of them

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I’ve brought a few vinyl albums recently that have included Bandcamp download codes to add to my library, which is nice. However, as an Apple Music subscriber also, would I be better listening to the music digitally through Apple Music, as the artist will get extra cash (albeit very small amounts)?

I don’t suppose it makes a massive difference, but for the artist buying their music but also streaming it through Apple/Spotify/whatever is best – not necessarily for the money they’ll get from streaming (which is next to nothing), but because it boosts their numbers.

On the other hand, that’s probably worse from an environmental point of view, and by buying the music in the first place you’ve already done more than the vast majority of their listeners will do for them, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just go with whatever is most convenient for you.


Does anyone subscribe to any artists on Bandcamp? As in the paid subscription, not just following them.

Considering launching it for my artist page but curious to hear what people’s experience of it has been