Bands/artists on tv - classic miming

Similar to TOTP here in Australia, back in the day, bands came on Countdown and were forced to mime away

Lately they’ve been doing reruns on the telly, and I’m loving how some the acts take on this task

Bob Smith here is brilliant - that guitar playing!

Fire away with other classic miming or just can’t give a stuff or similar performances!

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Here’s Iggy scaring the kids

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Beck and a load of Dads
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they’ve just copied muse there

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What, bands played on Countdown? This was a thing?

(different show)

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:see_no_evil: Silly me

Always remember Eels doing Novocaine for the Soul on children’s sized instruments


Eels with a soul patch feels weird


Theo vibes

Marillion on top of the pops in 1983.

There’s a lyric about 2’25” which on the album is “I’m fucking”, for totp they changed to “I’m miming”. After a reasonable effort of mining for the rest of the song Fish raising his eyes and keeps his mouth closed for this line.

Still amuses me tbh.

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Always remember Patton here in finest bratty form

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The Orb, not really miming. Just playing chess on TOTP.

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QOTSA on Popworld.

NIN on CD:UK :heart:

The other guitarist guy is basically Agent Smith’s mate in his college slacker phase before corporate America sucked him up.

I can barely grow stubble let alone consider such things as shitty facial hair choices.