Bands/artists that you went off (or maybe disliked at first) but now really like

Just to balance it out! :blush:

For me: Bright Eyes. Enjoyed Lifted… and I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning, then kind-of went off him / couldn’t be arsed. Forgot about him for ages and then got into the Better Oblivion Community Center record, which was one of my most-listened-to albums last year (even though it came out before then). And I picked up one of the 10 billion unsold copies of his new album off 365games and quite like that too.

I’m sure there are others. WBU?

Smog/Bill Callahan.

Thought he was really boring then I became boring and now I love him


Used to find the Beach Boys quite annoying and a bit of a novelty. Now think they may be objectively the best band who have lived


Dry Cleaning, massively


Big Thom and the Radioheads. First time I heard them was on the Glastonbury coverage in 2003, found his whiny voice and silly dance really irritating. Downloaded In Rainbows when I was at uni because it was free and quite liked it, then bought their entire discography for about £7 in total on Amazon (also bought the fancy boxset of In Rainbows out of guilt).

Most of them.

Very rare that I’m instantly hooked in by a band artist and long term, instant enjoyment is usually a bad sign.

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Used to really hate Bruce Springsteen when I was in my early 20s, now he’s probably the artist I listen to the most.



Was never an obsessive fan but discovered him when I was maybe 14/15 and listened to his 60s stuff a good deal for the next 10 years or so. At some point that somehow morphed into really only listening to Blonde on Blonde as that just always seemed perfect so the only one worth bothering with. And then at some point I’d just completely over listened to that and just generally got bored of anything vaguely blues rock based.

Started dipping my toe back in many years later by giving more of a concerted listen to the 70s albums and returning to a couple of the 60s ones I hadn’t listened to as much and then the hgatr on here concentrated my mind and I properly did a 60s/70s play through and realised I liked very much nearly all his albums from that period (I have heard a few of the 80s albums but no real desire to revisit tbh).

Anyway yeah am back to liking Dylan but with a different focus and in a bit more of a he’s in the mix type way rather than daily/weekly listening.


For ages they were a band I felt like I should like, but nothing really clicked and their music would just pass me by when I listened to it. So I kept buying their albums (this was in the era of cheap CDs) and eventually I proper fell for Drums & Guns, and then went back to the others and had a lovely time.


BTS - I liked kpop for ages (since 2008/2009) but mainly girl groups, and didn’t really listen to many boy groups, and if I did, they were usually around my age. Felt that BTS was too young and childish and for a different audience so never gave them a chance until 2016 (they’d been active for 3 years by then) and I was a fool for this, regret this a lot when I realised how good they were and how my snobbery kept me away from them. Anyway in 2016 they were just starting to win the big music awards in korea after being in the shadow of bigger bands like EXO who were more successful at the time, and it’s been so amazing to see them continue to grow and break records and become the most successful band in the world today <3

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There’s probably loads of these but the one that stands out is probably Paul McCartney. In my head he was the boring one in the Beatles (no idea where that idea came from) that went on to do that Rupert the Bear song, Mull of Kintyre, had an awful mullet and then gradually morphed into a human turtle. Then I heard McCartney II and re-evaluated everything….well nearly everything. Still think he looks like a cartoon turtle.

Tyler the Creator. Seemed 3edgy5me when he first appeared but really developed as an artist


Taylor Swift

I think I was just a bit too old for her music when she first came out even though I’m only like a month older than her. I thought her early stuff was too saccharine and schmaltzy and her pop turn was cynical, then thought 1989 was good but didn’t really get into it. It’s a shame that it took two beardy indie blokes working with her to make me realise what an incredible songwriter she is but the two albums she released in 2020 are two of my most played still and I feel like I need to go back to the earlier stuff now I’m less of a music snob.


yeah entirely this for me too. Liked Yonkers on its own for how grimy it was and the video, but didn’t listen to any other tracks until Flower Boy, when I fell in love. And now Call Me is one of my top 5 of last year!

Yeah this is what I did, prompted by Mrs F who was already a big fan. A lot of the songs that I thought were schmaltzy or just a bit naff seem really good to me now when you have more of a handle on her way of writing and how good she is with a turn of phrase or telling a story.


Arcade Fire. I bloody loved them when Funeral came out and was fortunate to see them in a small venue at the time. Then came Neon Bible and they turned into U2, I wouldn’t have gone to watch them if they were playing in my back garden. Last year I picked up their other albums in a charity shop for 50p. I bloody love them again, I’m not going to ruin it by listening to Everything Now.


Childish Gambino.

Didn’t get it at all at first and didn’t really like his stuff, despite a colleague/friend recommending him regularly. Then something clicked and I completely got into listening (and re-listening) to his back catalogue, I can’t get enough and always hyped for new releases now.

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Used to be really grumpy about Paramore when I was a teen but now I really like their s/t and After Laughter. Really hope the new stuff is on a similar path.


This for me, except I didn’t own any of their albums until last year (Hey What) and it’s got me in love with them.

Blink 182 - some friends at school loved them and I was being contrarian for a bit until I heard Feeling This

Taylor Swift - thought she was music for weans/simps but on a road trip to Oxford with my friends I came around to her music and 1989 came out a few weeks later

Justin Timberlake - passionately hated his music from ages 11 to 13. then I realised you cannot fuck with Cry Me A River.