Bands/artists you assumed sounded like one thing based on their name but actually they sound completely different

Go on, then.

Thought Sleep was an ambient artist, then i heard Dopesmoker.

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assumed for years that My Vitriol were nu-metal


I assumed Radiohead would be a techno band until I stumbled upon the Just video late in 96.

Just as bad though, eh? :wink:


I thought Maybeshewill were some sort of pop punk thing until my mate got me a ticket to see them on their last tour

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Napalm Death. Didn’t realise that they’d be so influenced by early Joan Baez.

Mannequin Pussy would be my serious answer. I though it would be an artist that produced short screaming songs. Turns out they’re a brilliant indie rock band. Nice people too from their live set around Tufnell Park about a month ago.



About to say this. Assumed he’d be blanck mass sort of thing, rather than yacht rock

Drugdealer thought that they would be angry punks rather than folky indie.
Godspeed you black emperor! Thought they would be some flavour of metal.

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Yeah or doom metal or something.

Worriedaboutsatan as screamo