Bands/Artists “You’ll like when you are older”. If applicable - do you?

Who are the artists you remember being told you’d like when you were older?

Always felt a bit patronizing but obviously our tastes change as we get older/hear more music, maybe certain lyrics or even music styles become more relatable.

Main one I recall is Bruce Springsteen and also generically classical music but I think that basically meant Beethoven/Mozart/Greatest Classical Hits of All Time.

Think I’m more than old enough now to say with confidence it ain’t going to happen.

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According to jazz was my most listened to genre last year. Remember when I was about 15 being given a lift somewhere from my friends dad and he had jazz on in the car, don’t know why but I vividly remember thinking “I’ll probably like this when I’m about 50.” Made it there 12 years early.

Still don’t like Springsteen though.

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Jimi Hendrix.

“You’ve gotta feel it, man”.

If anything I like his music less now compared to when I was younger.


You were wise beyond your years.

Amazing really.

I think I just assumed you either fall into classical or jazz when you became an old man and I really didn’t see any appeal in classical.

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My dad was into jazz when he was younger and still pretends to be but don’t recall him ever listening to anything except classical so he must have swapped over before he was 40.

David Bowie.



i remember seeing Radiohead playing Pyramid Song or Knives Out on TOTP in 2001, i was 12 and mostly into Green Day but i had a bit of a “i might like these guys when i’m older” feeling because they felt kinda similar to stuff my brother was into. got really into them 2 years later.

Springsteen - Yes
Neil Young - Yes
Queen - NO

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Tom Waits- yes

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I never really heard or perceived this much.
I think the assumption that I was always aware of was that as you get older you get less curious and just stick to the music you know.

On a side-note on the subject of age, and this is probably just me being contrary, but I find it a bit weird and a bit forced when music writers/journalists of a ‘certain age’ write about music that’s very much aimed at young people. Think that’s probably not a new thing either!

Van Der Graaf Generator. An older mate would always play me them when I was a teen and I thought they were terrible. I found it patronising when I was told I’d ‘get’ them when I got older but it did pan out that way. Pawn Hearts is an incredible album.


Prog rock was always a bit like that especially ‘early Genesis’

Steely Dan



Nobody’s ever said this to me. I guess I thought that a time might come when I would enjoy classical music. 39 and still waiting.


I actually liked EL-P and Genesis and stuff like that when I was younger, less so now. It was only Van Der Graaf that I just really didn’t get.

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I would say that there’s an inevitability about Dylan.

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Jazz in general. This meme is about right. Your Queen Is A Reptile was the punkest thing I’d heard in years, totally opened me up to loads more cool stuff.


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Dad used to say this to me.

He was right about Steely Dan.

I am yet to enjoy Joni Mitchell.

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basically any artist my dad liked. I now love Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young amongst others.

Haven’t come round to country yet though.