Bands catalogues that could do with a remaster


Someone needs to fiddle with the mixes I feel

Production on Welcome to Sky Valley and Blues for the Red Sun are far too, for want of a better word, quiet for the thunderous behemoths that lay within

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Hüsker Dü! Numero Group are up to something though so we could see a proper reissue project from them soon.


Yes to Husker Du! Very tinny.

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I’m a bit of a debutante when it comes to Metallica - have they added bass to their old albums yet?

Would like all George Harrison’s stuff to have the sheen taken off it, Let It Be Naked style

Most Kinks records could be mixed a lot better too

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man, would love a better mix of new day rising

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Quite possible. They’ve already put a remaster of ‘Everything Falls Apart’ online. Link in the description on this Instagram post on their profile.

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I think I would enjoy Californication by the big chillis and the flea if it were remastered

Catherine Wheel’s first two (dgaf about vinyl represses), Band of Susans, and Head of David could use a remastering.

would love a boxset of Slowdive’s unreleased demos.

Spiritualized - Pure Phase: remastered and/or remixed into full stereo or mono.

Not sure I’d want a Husker Du remaster tbh, it just wouldn’t be the same without those typewriter-sounding drums.

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Speaking of let it be naked, I’d love to hear everything must go without the strings

Hmm would be nice to hear but think it would lose a fair bit of impact with it

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probably a bit of heresy around here, but as much as I like it Girl Band’s Holding Hands with Jamie sounds much muddier than their previous singles. I assumed it was an premastered rip when I first heard it.


stone roses?

I’ve noticed that with the digital versions of it. Sounds way, way better on LP.

As much as I’d be interested in hearing a remaster of Pure Phase, it’s also one of the album productions/mixes I love the most - so wonderfully woozy and whooshy and swishy, just like the music.

eh, the mono portion of it muddies the production for me.

A lot of Julian Cope’s best stuff is a little bit the worse for clearly being recorded/mixed under a heavy narcotic cloud and thus missing some frequencies

not sure I’d want Safesurfer to sound like Dark Side of the Moon though - I’d settle for it sounding like Meddle

First thing that came to mind was Husker Du. Candy Apple Grey is so, so quiet unless you crank it.