Bands doing beers


RTJ are doing this now as well. Why is it a thing?


Because you can’t download a beer


Hard-Fi were pioneers


Iron Trendsetters


Quite like this actually. Bit miffed that the others they do can’t be got in Ireland.
Other band beers:
British sea power

Idlewild ale


As a teetotaller, I’m looking forward to Minor Threat’s Non-Alcoholic Real Ale


The Mastodon one was vile.


The passion fruit one with Mikkeller?

Really good beer that


They’ve done three, apparently.


I had this the other day and it was genuinely amazing (did cost £7 though)


Couldn’t stand it personally. Different drinks for different…needs though.


I think hookworms had an “impasse” beer that they’d brewed at kirkstall brewery (i think) at their album launch gig a few years ago. I had loads of it because I’m hard.


Really enjoyed it too. Banging can art in all


3 Floyds x Pig Destroyer - Permanent Funeral



I tried the Elbow beer once. Unsurprisingly it iwas bland, tasteless and a complete waste of time. Funny that…


genuinely bought it as a bit of fun and was amazed when it was a hazy banger


Everyone haa their own brew these days. Even the wrestling promotion i go to has its own brand beer from Bison Brewery


Bar I worked at in Glasgow used to stock this, Chino Moreno came in and picked up every bottle we had when Deftones last toured.


Bands doing their own alcopops, that I could get on board with.