Bands doing beers

Duh dm tsh

I want the Idlewild one something rotten.

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I thought this was going to be a thread about bands drinking beer. Look how fucking handsome Dave Lombardo is here


Yeah took me a few secs to work out Eric wasn’t castigating bands for openly drinking a beer on stage or something

Speaking of thrash…

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just great alcopops

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Sounds like a wkd idea, tbh. Hooch do you think would be best placed to do this.





What’s the beef here? As long as it’s not Crass sticking their name on something made by Coors, then no problemo.

Enjoyed two (both?) of the Iron Maiden beers.

Here’s me enjoying the Anthrax beer: :slight_smile:

Actually remember this being decent

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The guy from Panopticon owns Hammerheart Brewery.

Robert Plant’s son started beavertown (after a failed music career) but that’s not what i mean obvs

I think Professor Green was done for drink driving around the time this was released which must have damaged the marketing somewhat.

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Got incredibly drunk on the Mastodon Black Tongue ipa before watching them play. Think it was alright.

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ooo do you go to that?

I’ve never been to live wrestling but it does look fun

Go to all of then! Only missed the first one its a fantastic time. I highly recommend it

I went to Margate at the weekend, this place we were drinking in had the RtJ stout but it was £10.20 for a can. I love u El-P but nah mate.

I’ve always seen the back of Reign In Blood being the four of Slayer grappling over 3 cans of Stella. My money is on Lombardo missing out.

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all Interboro beers are around £10 a can over here, it’s ridiculous