Bands everyone suddenly got over

Remember that wedding where all the guests did a choreographed dance to it?

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


That’s amazing!!!

Not sure the majority of the guests enjoyed it!

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I’ll never get over Why? I really liked 2019’s AOKOHIO and think it has a few new ideas. Their self-curated Spotify play list is titled chill bro baggins, who couldn’t love that.


If possible can you give me a link for the why? Mix…. Tried looking but can’t find

Found it :blush:

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I think the best example of this commercially that I can remember is The Darkness. Despite a lot of music ‘people’ hating them ‘Permission To Land’ was generally a critical as well as commercial success. Personally I really enjoyed the follow up too, and I still enjoy going to see them live but that’s the biggest fall I can remember.

Crazy looking back that The Darkness, Razorlight and Franz Ferdinand amongst others headlined Reading. A band like Foals appear to have naturally developed and gained further commercial acclaim, even though their first album is still my favourite of theirs by far.

Chew Lips. Though after looking just now it’s more that they split after one album rather than stopped being talked about. That said I really liked them at the time and even caught them in Bristol once.

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Awful band name didn’t help

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I can’t find a great deal of info as to what happened, but I imagine the singer getting cervical cancer was a big thing. Sounds like she refocused and did a lot of fundraising after her recovery. Maybe a change of heart career wise…

The first album did well enough to get them signed to Sony. But yeah, awful name!

I initially misread this as This Town Needs Guns who were never that big but were fucking great all the same…


Seen this video posted on this website so many times and can never bring myself to click on it because of the threat of secondhand embarrassment


I will say this about latter-day Animal Collective, Golden Gal is an absolutely perfect pop song and up there with anything else they ever wrote…

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Feel like they used to play lots, then didn’t so much once Animals came out, idk

I genuinely thought they’d split up, just had a look on twitter and it seems they’re still together.

I’ve still got a Chew Lips t-shirt that says “Do you chew?” on it, and it is really awful merch choice.

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Fair bit of talk about Grizzly Bear in here with no mention of Shields which is clearly their best album imho… no judgement just surprised that this is not recognised as their best album cos it’s insanely good

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Shields is excellent. Not sure it’s my favourite of theirs but for me there isn’t much between any of them in that run from veckatimest to painted ruins, and that’s not even taking into account the very, very good yellow house.

Bit surprised they’re in this thread, but each to their own. Also, sometimes consistency can work against a band, but I’ll save that for the Spoon HGATR thread.

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This Town Needs Guns (now renamed as TTNG) are still a Very Big Deal in the math rock scene.

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They are quite easily the worst band name of a band I’ve liked music from. Even the non-pun version (Tulips) would have been alright.

Having revisited the one album and couple of singles yesterday I still enjoyed them.