Bands everyone suddenly got over

I was at that. They actually had an ok sized crowd IIRC. The problem was the barrier 100 meters or so from the front of the stage which you could only enter if you had a more expensive ticket (or a paid one rather than a free one from that website for undersold festivals). There were indeed a handful of people at the front, then a decent crowd some distance away. An odd one for the band.

I got an NHS £2.50 ticket so maybe that got me into that specific area!

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maybe I’m undervaluing the pulling power of early 00s nostalgia, but don’t those venues look quite ambitious?

I think you’re underestimating the reach of the Jolyon Maugham street team


I haven’t listened to either band for probably over 15 years but my first thought on seeing this was “FUCK YEAH” so maybe it will work!


Yeah this is a power-combo in terms of Britrock nostalgia so I think it’ll do pretty well tbh.

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I remember seeing Hundred Reasons supported by Hell is For Heroes twice on the same tour in 2001, just as they were both popping. Didn’t have "these guys are going to have fairly miserable
careers, throw in the towel have a comeback tour in er… twenty one years time and play venues three times the size of the one you’re in now on my mind then.

Glad to see the Symposium guys from HIFH playing venues bigger than any of the ones I assume Symposum ever played at, too.

The audience will just be a bunch of fairweather friends anyway

How are we measuring ‘fairly miserable careers’ here? I’m sure they all had a good time.