Bands everyone suddenly got over

Yeah, AC came instantly to mind when I saw the thread title

Perhaps I’m projecting my own opinion a bit here rather than the general consensus, but Chvrches also spring to mind


Haha, this thread got me thinking along the same lines too.

Now I’m wondering which bands already realised this and chucked a couple of clangers on their albums made during their prime just to ensure that people kept being interested, waiting for them to release their magnum opus.

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I think there has been some cancelling too since but I’m sure that last Vampire Weekend record didn’t exist

Everything Now?


A shame because Gloss Drop is brilliant


AnCo’s good stuff is still good, it’s just that they stopped releasing new good stuff

like, the getting over thing is a false premise imo! acts losing their inspiration is different than acts losing cachet with journos/gatekeepers

WHY? is similar, altho he released a low-key good album recently-ish

No one gets super excited by a new National album, do they? Alligator, Boxer, even High Violet, people were all over it, but they’ve had a few since then and still the most excited anyone got was when one of them was on Folklore.


musically, I’m not totally over them

but I can’t bear to listen to Berninger’s lyrics anymore

privileged but sad man kind of thing

maybe I’m being uncharitable idk

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there was one a couple years ago that was good/got praise

but yeah, cancelled now

I agree, but like the arcade fire example mentioned above I think they have enough residual goodwill from their previous run of 3-4 standouts to coast by at this point - no ones is excited for them, but they will still get listened to and commented on.

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yeah it’s not necessarily linked to how good the output is (although with someone like why those more recent albums are way below their peak for me), I just get the feeling that the general level of interest of these acts collapsed (essentially reaching people who aren’t already fans, and potentially reaching fewer of those existing fans).

nah, MPP and previous is still great

think people getting older is a factor in getting over the good stuff. those albums are by and for people who haven’t had life steamroller them yet, or haven’t just settled in their ways.

same thing has made the band lose it, I reckon.


I think if these bands had adapted better, they’d still get praise, mind

yeah I guess that’s it - if you run a sound into the ground without really changing it people are going to get bored.

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Just in the general sense but Jake Bugg seemed to go from being tipped for massive things with his first album to now sponsoring football shirts

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Black Country New Road


Grizzly Bear perhaps? Universally loved for about 5 years, but nobody seemed to care when they released their last record and their subsequent hiatus period.

Painted Ruins was great I thought


Flat Eric