Bands FC


Birmingham City get shitty Ocean Colour Scene.

They really should make a sticker book for these.


There’s an exhibition if you’re lucky enough to live in the North-West of England.


Some are a bit naff, some are very clever. Daft Punk’s is delightful.


been enjoying these, (even without often knowing what football badge it’s based on), though it’s interesting how massively variable the quality of bands are


Can’t really get on board with these.


i’m quite enjoying them, although to be honest i liked them more before i realised that they were all shoehorned into real life football logos.


I like the concept and most of the designs but bloody hell do they tweet a lot…


I think you can unfollow people on Twitter, mate.


Yeah, like i said, i like the designs and the concept. Hence i am following, mate


It’s a bit boring.

(And that’s coming from me.)