Bands Not Playing A City Because They're Playing A Festival Nearby



Obvs when I lived in London this wasn’t a thing.

Every band would spunk on their own family to play a show in London, even if no-one was there.

However Australia is different.

It’s a long way from anything else, so all travel is by plane.

So it’s created this weird situation where if a band / an artist are playing a festival within 200 miles, they consider that their “stop” for the tour.

Now, the whole festival line up might be a bag of wank, but the artist feels like they’ve ticked that box.

Kendrick Lamar headlined Bluesfest last year. I’m pretty sure Counting Crows were somewhere on that bill and that was the only way to see him in a 1000 mile radius.

So Brisbane is cursed with being near a lot of festivals and many artists thinking they’ve “done that area” by playing said festival.

Is that a Brisbane-only thing or does that BULLSHIT happen elsewhere too?

In the artists defense, often if they do an independent show, it doesn’t sell so well, as the population in the area is hardly LME.


quite a lot of bands will play a festival in Ireland and consider that their Irish date.

shit enough when bands from america or elsewhere do it, but you see plenty of british artists do it as well - we’re right next door for fucksake.


That’s even more ludicrous, surely the air fare is the biggest cost?


it’s annoying and ruins summer


I’ve set up a bunch of Songkick alerts.

80% of the time when I get one it’s to let me know who I’m not going to see.


A lot of bands will open play london as the uk stop on a tour which is obviously bullshit.

But then if they get 500 or so in the room in london and play a bunch of other dates around the uk with 50ish you can see why…but it’s really irritating. On the one hand a couple of hours isn’t far for a band i really want to see…but if it’s midweek obviously hopping on a bus for 20 minutes into town is far more preferable.


Always found it bizarre that a band (especially those from further away than UK) would take the time, effort and cost to travel to Ireland and just do one show at either a festival or in Dublin and then jet off again to play a dozen shows in England. They could so easily make £’s by at least adding Cork and Belfast shows.