Bands playing albums in full

Joanna Newsom performing Ys in 2008 and Why? do Alopecia this year. I think that’s it. The former probably my favourite ever gig, latter was merely good.

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i’m a massive setlist trainspotter so i agree with this

i think i enjoy the idea more for artists who i only know a couple of albums by. if it’s a band who i’m a big fan of their whole back catalogue i’ll usually be more excited about the mix of material they’re gonna do

also think it can be more interesting when it’s a more overlooked album rather than the classic.

saw David Kitt playing his debut in full in Derry a few years ago which i was quite pleased about as it was the only one i owned by him, having found it going cheap somewhere once. the crowd seemed pretty unfamiliar with it but then went absolutely mad for the second set of later material, which i knew far less of. i felt strangely out of step.

I’ve seen loads but it’s late so the only one I can remember right now was Bruce Springsteen chucking Darkness on the Edge of Town in the middle of a Wembley set a few years back. That was fucking incredible.

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Not going to remember all of them, but:

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (at least a couple of times)
Slint - Spiderland (maybe four times, but not sure - seen them quite a few times and as pointed out above it’s not like they have an extensive back catalogue anyway. Their gigs have ranged from brilliant to sounding just like the album and therefore not that great, so clearly depends on the night/venue/whatever)
GZA - Liquid Swords
Pixies - Doolittle
Breeders - Last Splash
Girls Against Boys - Venus Luxure
Mogwai - Zidane
Mogwai - Atomic
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentleman
Therapy? Whatever they played at Sonisphere when the power kept cutting out - probably Troublegum
Sleep - Holy Mountain
Mudhoney - Super fuzz

Some other ones, fucked if I can remember everything.

Slint, GZA and Sonic Youth was a particularly cool day out in Chicago in 2007.

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saw Hundred Reasons and Hell Is For Heroes on a joint tour do Ideas and Neon Handshake in full
Thursday doing Full Collapse

those were the best

Oh that was amazing, with the orchestra!

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Partly because there’s no gap between any of the songs. (As, because the most obvious things are the easiest to miss, it took my mate Neil pointing this out before I noticed it.)

Are they worth seeing these days?? I think they canned their last tour here at the last minute


the design mistake on the third date there is irking me no end


Seen a few bands do this - including Low playing Things We Lost in the Fire and the Manics for Everything and Holy Bible (massively up-for-it crowd in Wolverhampton on a Monday booing like fuck when Maggie’s name was mentioned on that sample) - and I like it. I’ve seen enough bands that essentially play their songs as they are on record and the only difference is the order. I’d rather hear songs in order but treated differently live, although that’s just me.

Muse - Black Holes and Revelations in 2006, unexpected
Hell Is For Heroes - Neon Handshake this year, very much expected

Think that’s it. Tried to get Bloc Party tickets for the recent Silent Alarm show at the Brudenell but it sold out too fast, probably for the best though.

Ah shitfuck that was today and I forgot about it :confused:

Where and when was Soundgarden?

ffs m8

I’m going to see them play Surfa Rosa next week :laughing:

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Having seen Happy Mondays a few times I’d say my enjoyment of their show is roughly proportional to how much MDMA I’d taken immediately beforehand.

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If that was about five years ago, I was there. Lot of fun.

Also seen:
Robyn Hitchcock - I often dream of trains (at Mangum ATP)
Primal Scream - Screamadelica, twice. First time was absolutely epic, everyone singing Come Together as we walked out afterwards.
Pixies - Doolittle. Fine, as good as reformation Pixies is ever going to get.
Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy. OK.
Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin. Great show, but Coyne’s shtick has long-since become really annoying (bonus support! - Dino Jr doing Bug and Deerhoof doing Milk Man).
Patti Smith - Horses.

I like the idea fine, especially as a chance to hear some deep cuts that don’t get played often (e.g. Patti hardly ever plays Kimberly, which I love). Think it’s gone a bit far - like fine if you’re doing a genuinely iconic album like Horses, Psychocandy, LAGWAFIS, but when every band starts doing it, it cheapens it a bit.

The Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses
Deerhunter - Cryptograms
Deerhunter - Microcastle
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Roddy Frame - High Land, Hard Rain
Patti Smith - Horses
Mercury Rev - Deserters Songs
Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy
The Breeders - Last Splash
John Cale - Paris 1919
Suicide - Suicide
Television - Marquee Moon

Yes I have seen some bands play their albums in full

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