Bands should always publish their setlists before a show

I like to be prepared


I’m having a listen to Pennywise based on their recent setlist as I was going to see them next month and now i’ve had a run through, I know now just to turn up for the last two songs and not bother with the rest

Fuck that. But they should always let you know what time they are the support are gonna be in at.


they should post the times for each song too, to plan trips to the bar etc

“Doors 7:00pm
Support band 8:00pm
Daydreaming 9:00pm
15 Step 9:06pm
Lucky 9:10pm
The Gloaming 9:15pm”



I would like venues to always publish stage times for those of us who need to get trains home afterwards.

Not bothered about set lists although admittedly it would be good to know if X song that you’re waiting for will be played before the encore if you need to leave before the end


There should be signs up saying NO CHAT


Bro hymn?

Yeah! And Fuck Authority

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Such tunes

if it’s a large enough band doing a large enough tour you can generally do this by looking at previous gigs that week

mate of mine got my free tickets to see Shania Twain at the O2, which was great fun

but what really helped was that I could check the setlist from a couple of days before, which they were repeating again

so I was able to time my bar and toilet visits to ensure I didn’t miss any bangers (of which there were more than I expected)


Should be a delay/repay scheme if they’re late too. Or rubbish.

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THEY work for US


I was ready to physically flail at 10-20 people who talked the whole way through Protomartyr last week. Why were they even there

3 Likes has loads on, ive been listening to playlists ive made from these for bands I’m seeing for a while but its not always too reliable.

Get em.published bands

Bands don’t always know their setlists before a show, or like maybe 5 minutes prior. Some even call it on the fly.

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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail


Apparently a lot of venues don’t like publishing door times because they want people there as early as possible so they’re at the bar. And not just getting there in time for the headliner. This is highly annoying for those of us on a 9-5 who want to get something to eat and catch the support without getting indigestion in the process…


Will Between Song Banter (BSB) be included?


When they go off stage before the encore, I’d also like a live feed from a gopro on the singer’s head projected onto a big screen at the back of the stage so that we can watch them while they’re backstage and see how motivated to return they are by claps and cheers from the crowd. I don’t want to waste energy clapping and cheering if it’s clear that the return is inevitable.