Bands should really give you a PDF of the album artwork with the digital album

Actually not really much to discuss here I guess.

But I’m not sure why this isn’t more standard. Been reminded thanks to Hop Along’s latest Bark Your Head Off, Dog doing just that with my Bandcamp purchase. I recall Shaking the Habitual came with the album details.

And obviously our very own @ericVI sent out the album artwork to us digital-only weirdos.

Feels like a lot of the time it’s assumed you’re not that into music if you only buy digitally but I still like to know all about who did what on an album and it’s not always easy to find out this stuff online.

I suppose it’s just a matter of the artist deciding what they are going to supply in the digital package, and the buyer deciding whether it’s worth it.

It’s possible that some artists take the view that “OK, if you only want a digital version I’ll sell it to you, but if you want artwork, lyric sheets, 120-page booklet describing the narrative of the album, lapel button, souvenir cardboard cutouts, etc, then just buy the friggin’ physical version of the album.”

But if it is that then it’s a terrible assumption, IMO.

(It’s quite possible there is a load of copyright reasons TBF.)

remember when someone said that cds should come with a download code on the old forum. they were laughed out of town. look at us now

was it brightonb or someone?


Yeah but that thread was totally stupid :grin:

it was great, like all of his threads

Well @guntrip managed cover this already here

feel like thats different. much harder to rip vinylz innit. although these days when laptops dont tend to come with cd drives as standard…


Was talking about his joke comment to DK about hi res artwork with mp3s

Why the Adobe licensed PDF?

feel like downloaders on the whole don’t care much about artwork, and sorta feel like the full artwork should be the preserve of those who’ve shelled out full price for the record, otherwise you should make the download more expensive but that sorta defeats the point

not bothered about this, wish more new CDs would come with lyrics booklets though, seems to be a dying feature

the idea that all albums cost roughly the same when some of them are rubbish is weird.

Your case is specific but for big commercial albums the download cost always seems only pennies different to the CD I thought.

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