Bands spotted in odd places


Tonight I have seen a Rocket From The Crypt vinyl on Eurovision and someone sporting an Anti Nowhere League shirt on Celeb Juice.

Where else have bands or their stuff popped up unexpectedly


I met my chemical romance on the Dover ferry once


Nick Cave in Bagelman, Hove - both of us waiting to be served a bagel.


On the train past couple of days, I’ve seen way more adverts at train stations for the new At the Drive In album than I ever thought I would see


Swans poster in the movie Road Trip.


Now rupauls drag race is on and henry rollins is a judge


^ this! Saw one in Mansfield ffs


Saw Jeff Mangum in a Subway recently. He ordered a 6" BBQ Beef Burnt Endz and said it was probably the best sandwich he’d ever had.


Always liked that there was a Mayhem poster in the 6th form common to in inbetweeners.


Oh, City of Caterpillar got mentioned on Hollyoaks once by the emo kid (Newt, wasn’t it?) he described them as like a more hardcore version of Mogwai (which is weird enough in itself, but also pretty accurate). Had to pinch myself when I saw it


Hahah really? Thats so odd


Royal Trux t-shirt worn by Manny in Black Books


The only proof I can find is in collective zine, which makes sense


I saw him on the way out, he told me he’d asked for the cheese and herbs bread because

“I love you, cheese and her-er-erer-erbs
Cheese and herbs, I love you, yeeess I do”


Heard them playing Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on Homes Under the Hammer once


VU’s Heroin in a Nissan commercial



I remember when Wanadoo used Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag and a Pixies song…i think Velouria


Walked past someone in a Lavotchkin t-shirt when I went to Bratislava a couple of years ago.


I remember being surprised at hearing that piano cover of ‘Where Is My Mind?’ on a holiday advert in the days before it was borderline obligatory to use a piano cover of ‘Where Is My Mind?’ in adverts.