Bands spotted in odd places

Tonight I have seen a Rocket From The Crypt vinyl on Eurovision and someone sporting an Anti Nowhere League shirt on Celeb Juice.

Where else have bands or their stuff popped up unexpectedly

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I met my chemical romance on the Dover ferry once


Nick Cave in Bagelman, Hove - both of us waiting to be served a bagel.

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On the train past couple of days, I’ve seen way more adverts at train stations for the new At the Drive In album than I ever thought I would see

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Swans poster in the movie Road Trip.

Now rupauls drag race is on and henry rollins is a judge

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^ this! Saw one in Mansfield ffs

Saw Jeff Mangum in a Subway recently. He ordered a 6" BBQ Beef Burnt Endz and said it was probably the best sandwich he’d ever had.


Always liked that there was a Mayhem poster in the 6th form common to in inbetweeners.

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Oh, City of Caterpillar got mentioned on Hollyoaks once by the emo kid (Newt, wasn’t it?) he described them as like a more hardcore version of Mogwai (which is weird enough in itself, but also pretty accurate). Had to pinch myself when I saw it


Hahah really? Thats so odd

Royal Trux t-shirt worn by Manny in Black Books


The only proof I can find is in collective zine, which makes sense

I saw him on the way out, he told me he’d asked for the cheese and herbs bread because

“I love you, cheese and her-er-erer-erbs
Cheese and herbs, I love you, yeeess I do”

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Heard them playing Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on Homes Under the Hammer once


VU’s Heroin in a Nissan commercial

I remember when Wanadoo used Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag and a Pixies song…i think Velouria

Walked past someone in a Lavotchkin t-shirt when I went to Bratislava a couple of years ago.

I remember being surprised at hearing that piano cover of ‘Where Is My Mind?’ on a holiday advert in the days before it was borderline obligatory to use a piano cover of ‘Where Is My Mind?’ in adverts.