Bands that don't have their own sound

You would never say about a band “oh yeah, they sound a bit like Blur” ever

Bands that have no sound:


Radiohead just sound like muse tho


Quite a powerful thing I reckon. Mainly due to both bands doing a lot of different styles over their albums.

Ah idk, think it’s easy to tell a Blur song from a Gorillaz song despite the shared vocalist


The Horrors
Primal Scream

I don’t know, some of Think Tank and The Magic Whip does have a bit of the Gorillaz sound about them

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Aye. I’m guessing/half-remembering that after the success of There’s No Other Way, during the pre-Britpop, indie-dance days, there were other bands being refereed to as Blur-ish, but Blur’s variation through the years put paid to that sort of thing.

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I’m sure I read that the opening track off Think Tank was originally going to be a Gorillaz song

Surely the Blur sound is a catchy but slightly annoying chorus that goes “na na na na na” or “yeah yeah yeah yeah” etc

I love your profile picture.

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The National

The most satisfying band name to type on a keyboard Feeder.

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every band who ‘goes electronic’ is compared to Radiohead surely

Not a band, but Richard Youngs.

Don’t know why I made this thread

I’m not arsed