Bands that don't seem what they are


Infected Mushroom

lol with that name and those photos who will say it’s a psytrance project and not a vulgar metal band


Well on the one hand, “Infected Mushroom” is a great name for a psytrance band. On the other hand, they’ve collaborated with the singer from Korn. All things considered it’s not too surprising they look like this.


Vulgar is an underused word.


When I first saw the cover of ‘The Bends’ as a child, I assumed Radiohead were more like electronic music. Which is a strange coincidence, in a way. Or something.


Girl Band - all blokes


Battles should be heavier than they are.
Echo and the Bunnymen should be a lot lighter.
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard should be terrible.


And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead


Women - they were all bloody men!!


Big Black look like they’d make something far wussier:


Steve Albini is threatening.


Tracy Pew from The Birthday Party was a cowboy!


In the context of most black metal band names, Mayhem seems comparatively tame.


Everything but the Girl… you wont believe what the singer looks like!


For good reason