Bands that have been going for years without anyone really caring that much

Saw Twin Atlantic are supporting Fightstar. Swear I’ve seen Twin Atlantic on support slots for over a decade, and still never met anyone who is a fan of them.





Also Fightstar are back??


“Man” or occasionally know as “The Manband”.

Don’t know much about Twin Atlantic but I know they played two headline gigs at the Barrowlands last year…which seems quite impressive.

They’re Scottish though, every Scottish band can do that by default if they keep going for long enough

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The Garden

Saw Tangerine Dream are playing Falmouth soon but there’s none of the original members

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every Tennis fan I’ve met is really, really into them

or are really arty and make a point about not owning a TV

Much like the bands who no-one’s thought about for ages thread it feels dangerous to post in here because there’s bound to be a seam of massive fans on here I’ve never noticed. That said Turin Brakes have played here twice in the last year, genuinely can’t imagine who’s going to that.


The Feeling

just remind me of GMTV this lot


The National

My actual answer is probably The Vaccines or The Drums

The Legendary Pink Dots

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Space are still going.

(Am I imagining it or did a bunch of the Space fan club sign up here a couple of years back?)

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