Bands that sound like no other


Tell me (as much as you like) about bands that had/have a sound that no other band had or has come close to replicating.

Inspired by the works of The Blood Brothers. Unmatched and untouchable.

I need another The Blood Brothers in my life!


Yo La Tengo


Scott Walker, but especially late period Scott Walker




Shamefully haven’t listened to Yo La Tengo or Scott Walker. Need to do something about that. Minutemen is a great shout


Robert Wyatt


sounds like The Velvet Underground and other Velvet Underground-derived bands.


This is not at all what I imagined they’d sound like


Mouthus/United Waters are pretty much a genre of one, afaik. something uniquely woozy and off-kilter about their takes on noise and lofi indie.


the way they sound water-damaged and smudged just does it for me like nothing else. never seen anyone talk about them on here, though.


I’m liking this. “Water-damaged” is the perfect description


A lot of lovely subtleties going on that become more apparent as the track fades out and the layers get stripped back. Will be checking these dudes out in full tomorrow


definitely check out Mouthus, too. both use really interesting timbres/tones/whatever. some of the most fascinating deconstructions of rock you’ll hear.


:smile: ahh man, sweet! happy to turn you onto them.


another rock deconstruction kind of noise thing.

this Sightings album in particular is really compelling and not really like any other noise stuff I’ve heard. there’s a really interesting dynamic, a kind of seething hiss with scraping, screeching guitar interruptions, and the rhythm section is like bubbling tar and eruptions of static which on rare occasions sound a bit like drums.


The first Alexisonfire album


Help She Cant Swim were a bit of a Blood Brothers knock off if you wanna check them out




Playlist made, including most of the above. Cheers


Sounds a bit like early A Sunny Day In Glasgow to me. Like it