Bands that were based around a couple, who disappeared to raise a family and didn't come back.

Niche thread alert. 10 replies max.

Joy Zipper
The Sundays
The Beloved

S Club 7. Disappeared to raise the S Club Juniors and only returned as S Club 3 or 4.


I’ll take that, just for the post count.

Listening to the new Weyes Blood album reminded me of Sarabeth Tucek, two decent albums then…nothing.

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Feel free to ban request me for failing to abide by thread rules but…

Band based around a couple that disappeared because the couple split up: Handsome Furs ):

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The Sund… oh


you’re cool. My thread title was shit. Maybe we should change it to something else ?

I didn’t know that about any of the three bands you mentioned, so I’ve learned something from this thread if nothing else.

Burning Brides

The last time I saw them, Dmitri and Melanie told the crowd they were having a baby and now it’s been over a decade since new music from them (though Dmitri plays in Off! now).

Such an underrated band too, they came out at exactly the wrong time. Huge riffs. For fans of Nirvana, Hot Snakes, and catchy, propulsive rock songs that explode into metal riffs.

The outro to this song is ridiculous:

The bridge in this one pretty much made me start a band a decade ago:

Riff-stacking greatness:


The White Stripes?

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Looks like I got it wrong about the Beloved. Just joined a facebook group and they are still active it seems. This thread is a disaster.

Cocteau Twins

Slowdive and MBV came back

none of those fit the thread title young man. You disappoint me.

Cocteau twins split cos of drugs and booze and the end of their relationship. Slowdive split cos they’d had enough, although Halstead and Goswell were a couple for while. And MBV didn’t ever split did they ?

Take that to the ‘Bands based around a couple or couples who tried to continue making music even after splitting up and basically hating each other’ thread.

See also ABBA, Fleetwood Mac

Arcade fire

Grace Slick and Paul Kantner had a child I believe. Grace pretty much disappeared, Paul continued to trudge on with Starship and has now passed.

I assumed Stereolab ended after Laetitia & Tim split up but apparently the final 3 or 4 albums were made post-split. No idea if they hated each other though.

Everything But The Girl.

Tracey Thorne’s books are really good so something came out of it.

Mates of State