Bands where the vocalist does not write the lyrics

I saw this post from @zxcvbnm being a n00b and not realising that Dave Gahan doesn’t write the lyrics for Depeche Mode:

and then thought that it’s pretty rare that the vocalist in a band doesn’t write the lyrics. The only other example I can think of is Oasis. But maybe it isn’t all that rare. I know you lot love listing bands so please add to my incomplete list below.

Hayseed dixie

Bit harsh on liam

I didn’t even know he was the vocalist tbh tbf. I remembered names Martin Gore and Dave Gahan and I took a punt.

I reckon I can think of loads of these but none are coming into my head right now.

forgot to say: real bands only please.

Didn’t plan for this. Had a reply all ready for someone tediously pointing out that Noel sings some of the songs but this has left me stumbling around trying to find a witty retort and nothing is forthcoming.

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Most Beach Boys songs
The Long Blondes
Manic Street Preachers

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Manic Street Preachers until the Holy Bible?
Didn’t Ice Cube write most of Straight outta Compton? But he’s a vocalist on that album…
the Beach Boys! I got one!

Nicky Wire and Richey wrote the lyrics, then it was just Nicky after he left. Maybe James writes a few now but I know predominatly it’s just Nicky.

I was going to say the Manics as well and I knew back in the day Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards wrote the lyrics but I didn’t want to look like a n00b myself on the off chance JDB had started writing lyrics and I didn’t care enough to check.

Black Sabbath m8.

Does not philip selway in fact write the words for Radiohead’s famous Bleach EP?


Cretin, I think their bassist writes the lyrics

Edit:These guys just to avoid confusion :joy:


Kayo Dot, which surprised me

Was that the one with Bob Holness on drums?


I know! And I didn’t even realise DM had a bassist.

Really? I thought Driver basically writes all the music?

There are a few where he does, blue lambency and some more recent ones

Always irked me that the drummer from Kaiser Chiefs wrote the songs. The drummer!

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