Bands where the vocalist does not write the lyrics



I saw this post from @zxcvbnm being a n00b and not realising that Dave Gahan doesn’t write the lyrics for Depeche Mode:

and then thought that it’s pretty rare that the vocalist in a band doesn’t write the lyrics. The only other example I can think of is Oasis. But maybe it isn’t all that rare. I know you lot love listing bands so please add to my incomplete list below.


Hayseed dixie


Bit harsh on liam


I didn’t even know he was the vocalist tbh tbf. I remembered names Martin Gore and Dave Gahan and I took a punt.

I reckon I can think of loads of these but none are coming into my head right now.


forgot to say: real bands only please.


Didn’t plan for this. Had a reply all ready for someone tediously pointing out that Noel sings some of the songs but this has left me stumbling around trying to find a witty retort and nothing is forthcoming.


Most Beach Boys songs
The Long Blondes
Manic Street Preachers


Manic Street Preachers until the Holy Bible?
Didn’t Ice Cube write most of Straight outta Compton? But he’s a vocalist on that album…
the Beach Boys! I got one!


Nicky Wire and Richey wrote the lyrics, then it was just Nicky after he left. Maybe James writes a few now but I know predominatly it’s just Nicky.


I was going to say the Manics as well and I knew back in the day Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards wrote the lyrics but I didn’t want to look like a n00b myself on the off chance JDB had started writing lyrics and I didn’t care enough to check.


Black Sabbath m8.


Does not philip selway in fact write the words for Radiohead’s famous Bleach EP?


Cretin, I think their bassist writes the lyrics

Edit:These guys just to avoid confusion :joy:


Kayo Dot, which surprised me


Was that the one with Bob Holness on drums?




I know! And I didn’t even realise DM had a bassist.


Really? I thought Driver basically writes all the music?


There are a few where he does, blue lambency and some more recent ones


Always irked me that the drummer from Kaiser Chiefs wrote the songs. The drummer!