Bands who completely changed their sound

Early Avalanches

Recent Avalanches

Early Notwist

Recent Notwist

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though listening to the first one again, they were pretty dance oriented from the beginning.

Sub Sub to Doves

Verve A Storm in Heaven
The Verve Urban Hymns
Not completely different but strongly.

Equally Radiohead I guess? Compare Pablo Honey to Kid A or The King of Limbs. Of course we miss the albums in between that transition…

Title Fight went from pretty straightforward hardcore/punk

to shoegaze in the space of 1 album

both amazing, though


1st album standard shouty post-hardcore:

4th Album - Camp fire Christo-Islamic folk

6th album:
Kind of sing-talking/shouty indie rock:

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There are shoegaze influences all over Floral Green, in particular on ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’. Their first album and early EPs are more straight ahead hardcore.

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6th album:

I listened to that for the first in ages this year and was surprised by how it definitely has echoes of their later work.

Interestingly enough, back then they were way more successful in Australia (and The US) than The UK where they were basically ignored…

Scott Walker




RHCP. I really like the first 4 albums, after mothers milk its all down hill turning into a pop band.

someone posted about this the other day didn’t they? it’s so good

The Horrors
Early motorik-krautrock Kraftwerk to the electronic stuff.
My Bloody Valentine from C86 twee to the noisy stuff.

Beastie Boys

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The first 30s of one track off the newest sounds to me just like The Smiths. Love the album too.

Idlewild’s gradual transition from this:

to fucking this: