Bands who have successfully changed their sound



Boredoms- from messy anything-goes punk to tribal sun gods.

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I don’t want to provoke but whilst there was a subtle development of sounds between those first three albums, I hardly feel like they “changed their sound”- it matured, it developed, fine. However, Gish is packed with widescreen guitar epics combined with grungy guitar noise and SD and Mellon Collie both add to it (more textures, more piano and scope) to make amazing music but hardly reinvent their core sound.

Adore I totally agree with, because it ditched most of the sound of Mellon Collie and went more into The Cure-style territory but to say that that on each of those first three albums they reinvented their sound in the way Scott Walker (pop heartthrob who turned into avant-guard experimentalist) or Talk Talk (new romantic pop band turning into free-flowing jazzy post-rock) did…nah. Don’t hear it. Great albums, but they are developments, not reinventions.

Oh god, I’ve fallen for it haven’t I?


Probably going to get a lot of disagreement here but what about Scott Walker?



Oh oops i meant Scott Walker


Would argue that Humbug/Suck it and See are both more of an evolution than a total change in their sound.

Scott… Engels.


Tranquility Base… and The Car are a massive change in sound from the debut and FWN though.

Lot of examples in here of bands who have successfully changed their sound and then followed it up by unsuccessfully changed their sound.

Also some controversial opinions within.

And I guess successfully is subjective.

Interesting, because I think Mellon Collie is an even bigger departure from Siamese Dream than Adore is from Mellon Collie. The approach Corgan took on Mellon Collie is completely different to everything that came before - the louder stuff is much, much more violent (especially vocally), there are so many more sounds and styles being used in different ways, and (even having nothing to do with the album length) the scope is just so much bigger and coming from a different place. Gish feels like kids making an energetic, psychedelic rock album; Siamese Dream feels like a regular guy fighting to stay alive behind a thick wall of distortion; and Mellon Collie is a rock star creating a magical and vicious musical universe composed of all of the emotions he’s ever felt dialed up to ten.

I think it’s easy to miss nowadays due to how massive / ubiquitous Mellon Collie became, but there was no sign of songs like these (and others, including the entire ending suite) coming down the pipeline from the band that did Gish and Siamese Dream.

t’s weird thinking about it but Billy had never even properly screamed on an album yet, and the divisive but signature Corgan sneer hadn’t even made an appearance. And then you have all of the string arrangements and the sheer multitude of new sounds and styles being incorporated. It just feels completely different to me, and on both the positive and negative end, I think a lot of people feel similarly - it’s an album that pissed off a decent portion of existing fans but made a bunch of new ones too.

Wish @redacted were still here to articulate my thoughts properly.

Maybe, maybe not, but I’d say that’s sort of holding Corgan to a different standard than other artists, which tends to happen for some reason. Pretty much no bands listed in the thread did it to the degree you mentioned, and a band like Radiohead for instance always gets celebrated for reinvention when imo they reinvented themselves way less than the Pumpkins or even U2 or the Chili Peppers did.

This is ultimately all that’s important though, I’m glad you’re on the right side of history.

On that note, U2

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Massive difference between their noisier early stuff and where they ended up circa Emperor Tomato Ketchup and beyond.

Yeah, but the thread title, Funko. “Successful”


They’re very popular records, you should check them out.

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The music’s alright, I’ve just made my peace with the fact that he can’t sing convincingly in that register.

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Lil Yachty


Underrated album, this. And indeed fucking brilliance

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Spinal Tap

Status Quo went from dreamy hippy psychedelia to cheesy best-selling dadrock

Also, Scott Walker