Bands who you were inexplicably obsessed with at some stage

Neutral Milk Hotel

probably not a shocking one, but from the age of about 15-16 I only listened to ITAPOTS and maybe some demos. Never listened to their first one. I now cannot listen to them at all without feeling so fucking bored because I know every fucking note of that album


I was a massive fan of their shit second album when I was 13. I have no idea what possessed me because it’s pretty bland in retrospect

Charlie Drake

My dad had a tape of this man for some reason. Such classics as:

Are the frutellis a fruit themed fratellis cover band?


i would say HIM but i don’t really regret it and still kind of like them when i’m in the right mood

The problem is, I don’t tend to go off bands. Like, ever. It’s not that I keep listening to them, but I certainly don’t feel like I outgrow them either, and a deep fondness remains.

And THAT is why I get into so many arguments here. All because I retain a lot of affection for the likes of Coldplay, Travis, Starsailor, Athlete, Space etc. etc.


used to genuinely, unironically like The Feeling

Was a big fan of Starsailor. But I still love their debut.

I’m like ninteyeightytwo, I shit I used to love I still kinda like. I listened to Avril Lavigne’s debut the other day (was obsessed when I was 11) and it was still a laugh.

Actually, yeah, Neutral Milk Hotel. Can’t be arsed anymore. Listened to that album too much too.

I saw King Adora a double figure amount of times. I am not proud.


I was a huge Muse fan. Don’t understand my earlier self.

The Clash when I was 18, bloody loved them. Couldn’t care less for them now.

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I’ve only just got into them. Namely the debut. Took me long enough.

American MOR rockers and ungooglable bastards Live. Still have a fondness for Throwing Copper and Secret Samhedi tbh.


Was a teenager at just the right time to think that Tool were the single most important artistic voice in the history of mankind. Recall reading a really long fan-authored blog post about how Lateralus was in fact a puzzle and should be played in a different, Fibonacci-inspired order to appreciate its “true” form.

Think I snapped out of it when I saw them live and realised they were 4 fairly ordinary blokes having a great time being in what was essentially a King Crimson tribute act. Will still listen to, and probably enjoy, the new album.


my sister was quite big into throwing copper but i did get into the distance to here and had the dolphin’s cry single for some reason, absolutely rinsed it.


Manic street preachers

Rachel Stamp amnesty sub thread

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Chelsea Bun Dagger


That’s all I’ve got

I didn’t get on with that album so much, but I did love The Dolphins Cry. Could probably still belt out a decent karaoke rendition of it now tbh.

wouldnt like it if it came out now, but origin of symmetry is definitely not a bad album. i fucking loved it when i was a kid too