Bands who you were inexplicably obsessed with at some stage



Neutral Milk Hotel

probably not a shocking one, but from the age of about 15-16 I only listened to ITAPOTS and maybe some demos. Never listened to their first one. I now cannot listen to them at all without feeling so fucking bored because I know every fucking note of that album


I was a massive fan of their shit second album when I was 13. I have no idea what possessed me because it’s pretty bland in retrospect

Charlie Drake

My dad had a tape of this man for some reason. Such classics as:


Are the frutellis a fruit themed fratellis cover band?



i would say HIM but i don’t really regret it and still kind of like them when i’m in the right mood


The problem is, I don’t tend to go off bands. Like, ever. It’s not that I keep listening to them, but I certainly don’t feel like I outgrow them either, and a deep fondness remains.

And THAT is why I get into so many arguments here. All because I retain a lot of affection for the likes of Coldplay, Travis, Starsailor, Athlete, Space etc. etc.


used to genuinely, unironically like The Feeling


Was a big fan of Starsailor. But I still love their debut.

I’m like ninteyeightytwo, I shit I used to love I still kinda like. I listened to Avril Lavigne’s debut the other day (was obsessed when I was 11) and it was still a laugh.

Actually, yeah, Neutral Milk Hotel. Can’t be arsed anymore. Listened to that album too much too.


I saw King Adora a double figure amount of times. I am not proud.


I was a huge Muse fan. Don’t understand my earlier self.


The Clash when I was 18, bloody loved them. Couldn’t care less for them now.


I’ve only just got into them. Namely the debut. Took me long enough.


American MOR rockers and ungooglable bastards Live. Still have a fondness for Throwing Copper and Secret Samhedi tbh.


Was a teenager at just the right time to think that Tool were the single most important artistic voice in the history of mankind. Recall reading a really long fan-authored blog post about how Lateralus was in fact a puzzle and should be played in a different, Fibonacci-inspired order to appreciate its “true” form.

Think I snapped out of it when I saw them live and realised they were 4 fairly ordinary blokes having a great time being in what was essentially a King Crimson tribute act. Will still listen to, and probably enjoy, the new album.


my sister was quite big into throwing copper but i did get into the distance to here and had the dolphin’s cry single for some reason, absolutely rinsed it.




Manic street preachers


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Chelsea Bun Dagger


That’s all I’ve got


I didn’t get on with that album so much, but I did love The Dolphins Cry. Could probably still belt out a decent karaoke rendition of it now tbh.


wouldnt like it if it came out now, but origin of symmetry is definitely not a bad album. i fucking loved it when i was a kid too