Bands whose entire discographies alternated between very decent and pure shite albums


The Verve are one example…

A Storm in Heaven - very decent
A Northern Soul - pure shite
Urban Hymns - very decent
Forth - pure shite



Fall of Troy


Blur, maybe?

Parklife good
Great Escape shite
s/t good
13 shite

Doesn’t cover the whole discography but you get the picture


Fuck that… self titled is a piece of hot garbage


Ah, I like it. I fully admit that it might be by association with good 6th form times.


Could have sworn the first band mentioned here would be Primal Scream; although they have quite a few mediocre albums too…


seconding the Primal Scream nod.

having not heard it until recently, I didn’t think it was that bad. Definitely about 20 minutes too long though.




Northern Soul is The Verve’s best album ya daft apeth!


Behave, it’s piss. Not a song on it.


There’s not a song on Storm in Heaven I’ll give you that but it grooves like a fucker.

If you don’t get goosebumps to History and This is Music then you can’t recognise a tune in a forest mate.


Agree with above. Surely Primal Scream are the archetypal band for this?


Quite like Northern Soul

I think Manic Street Preachers could possibly fit in here. cba doing albums.


The Residents have released some of my fav records of all time as well as some of my least favorite (the big bubble is actually painful to listen to)


BOOM. Great shout.


Eh, seeing as their two best (and arguably their only essential) albums are back to back id say not

Holy Bible -> Everything Must Go


The Radio Dept.

Lesser Maters = superb
Pet Grief = disappointing
Clinging to a Scheme = excellent return to form
Running out of Love = oh, it’s the downward swing again


Umphrey’s McGee:

starting from their 3rd album per their 1st 2 records I’ve never heard (and are rarely talked about)

Anchor Drops = good
Safety in Numbers = disappointment
(I don’t count “The Bottom Half” per it’s more of a b-sides)
Mantis = awesome
Death by Stereo = boring as hell
Similar Skin = decent


13 is probably their best you plum


Completely disagree.

Lesser Matters = superb
Pet Grief = superb
Clinging To A Scheme = superb
Running Out Of Love = superb

They don’t belong in this thread.