Bands whose last album is their best


(The band must have made more than 2 albums)

I’m convinced most bands’ last albums are never their best. I think most bands peak somewhere in the middle of their career.


Wasn’t Abbey Road the last recorded Beatles album?


Sleater-Kinney (if you don’t count the reunion)
At the Drive-in


it’s scientifically impossible to pick a best Sleater-Kinney album - and why wouldn’t you include the reunion? they picked up right where they left off.


Oh yeah, I really like No Cities to Love. Just figured The Woods should get a mention because it was the supposed final album for a decade.


Taylor Swift
Cat Power


Not Cat Power.


surely bands who are still active don’t count


Unwound is a brilliant shout, although New Plastic Ideas and Repetition run Leaves. Turn Inside You very close. But Leaves is just so…other. There’s almost nothing else like it, and it’s brilliantly done.
In the same ilk- Fugazi, surely? If not, then The Argument is certainly up there, which, considering how consistently brilliant they were, is saying something.
On the heavy side, Daughters and Gaza’s last albums were definitely their best.


Jawbreaker is a possibility. Every time I listen to Dear You I think it’s my favourite, but I do the same when listening to 24hr Revenge Therapy, so who knows.


probably french kicks. also, i expect a fight on this, but i’d say blackstar could be bowie’s best.


Was just about to suggest bowie, even if it’s not his very best one it’s among his top few


Yeah, ideally they should either have disbanded, or not produced in album in a long time (if they’re still active).


By ‘last’ I mean ‘final’ rather than ‘latest’. If a band haven’t realised an album in a long time then their latest can be considered their final in this thread.


maybe Broadcast? it’s a close one though


not including the soundtrack or the collaboration (not listened to that one actually)


some people are going to say Fugazi even though Killtaker is definitely better than Argument (still a great last album though)


Killtaker is the best


Adebisi Shank.


i prefer the second but i will accept