Bands with an obviously mismatched band member

Emo band I went to uni with had a drummer who’d twirl his sticks between songs, sometimes mid-song.

A three piece where two of them were clearly with the program, but he’d put these fills which were just so… wrong.

Won’t say their name, because I’m not a dick, but what other examples of this are there? Preferably better known.

latter-day MSP with Nicky Wire? always think the other two seem like they can’t be fucked bothering to look like they’re even in a band anymore whereas he still looks yr embarrassing uncle who bores you to death about how there’s no “real music” anymore


I remember seeing a gentle folk band at Latitude festival some years ago, where most of the band’s style was in keeping with the genre of gentle folk dweeb, but then their trumpet player was rocking this bombastic Sid Vicious look. Big spiked up bleached hair and ripped denim and peircings, the works*. Quite a disconnect to see him behaving impeccably, not spitting or shouting or getting rowdy, just playing these slow, melancholic trumpet lines.

*I do wonder if he maybe only looked a little bit punk, but I’ve chosen to remember him being 900% 70s punk because that’s way funnier.


The latest Bloc Party line-up look a bit all over the place tbh:


razorlight hat man?


Every member of Fucked Up looks like they should be in a Vampire Weekend esque preppy indie band, and then there’s Damian


Always thought the drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs looked a bit out of place.


just looks like he should post on here eh?


If id never seen razorlight but had to draw a band member based only on their music, he is what i would draw. I reckon hes the only one that isnt out of place

no chance! he’s far to visually interesting, yr man second from the left is them in a nutshell, just the dictionary definition of bland

He is objectively good looking though.

Is it you?

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So pompous though. Id fully expect someone in a band like that to be a weird pick up artist


I don’t like to brag, but he does remind me a little bit of John Oliver, is all.

You’re John Oliver?

Didn’t say he wasn’t.
Nick and Karen dress like NYC indie hipsters. Brian looks like he’s the guy from accounts they roped in to play the drums.


That’s what I said, yes.

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Oh wow, I think you’re quite good, congrats

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The shit is this group?