Bands with an obviously mismatched band member



It looks like two members went missing so they replaced them last minute with their guitar tech and coach driver.


Hard to see past Nada Surf on this one


I thought that was The Levellers.



Charlie Watts also massively fits the brief:


Um, hi.


fucking hell can’t believe keith still smokes


They all look like dicks, he just looks like a dick with a hat on.


Charlie Watts has been looking slightly embarrassed to be in The Rolling Stones for about 30 years now.


He cannot he killed by conventional weapons.


Hello! So what’s the craic on Crackout?


No idea pal.




One of them has never heard 1979.


Russell looking more like Elijah Wood every year




not mismatched in terms of how they look as a band but in the sense that they dont look like they should.make the racket they did


They look like DiSers. Who are they?


Genghis Tron


Always thought the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s looked like a crazy lady, a maths lecturer and an elf formed a band. Top band though