Bands with dual singers


who are the best ones (aside from Blood Brothers)


shame Sikth went awful


do the cribs count?

if so then the cribs.



hmm i meant more “interplaying” singers but ive always time for my hometown heroes



Always thought Dananananaykroyd did this well


yeah, i thought maybe they didn’t quite fit for the purposes of this, but still :hearts::hearts::hearts:


think i prefer Gary as a singer


never quite got wild beasts. find them a bit dull im afraid



The Unicorns did it really well.

Maybe Teen Girl Scientist Monthly?


My bloody valentine

Shoegaze does this well as the vocals are basically just textural


If we’re talking acts with 2 singers I don’t think anyone is better than Dead Can Dance

Fucking phenomenal singers


You are all incorrect. The answer is The Twang. End of thread




Trail of the Dead

I’ve always liked the interplay between the two of them on this one:


Oh and early Jimmy Eat World used to do more of an even split, and Tom was basically the lead singer at that point.


Pop-punk in general seems to be very good at this.

Blink 182

Alkaline Trio


far pavilions is their best for this imo