Bands - with strings

You know such and such band supported by the Dogturd Symphony Orchestra - do we really need all of these shows???

I mean do we really need MMMBOP with an orchestra??Screenshot

I know there has been good ones too (eg Spiritualized, Portishead) but there seems to be so many of these now…

That Metallica live album lol

Ultimate run out of ideas move. Gets the orchestras paid though so I guess that’s good

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heres a taster of MMMbop with strings

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Yes, 'tis silly overall, but I guess each individual example depends on how the music was written. @PaintyCanNed mentioned Spiritualized - I think that works because J.Spaceman essentially writes songs with 100-strong orchestras sawing away in his head. It might be excessive, but it always fits. Hanson? Not so sure. A friend of mine recently played me the London Philharmonic doing Pink Floyd (okay, that’s sans band, but close enough) and it was utter binjuice.