Bands with their genre in their name

Ok. I missed out on that scene I think just about, sounds like I didn’t miss much tbh

About 200 doom bands I can’t be bothered to list.

Fucking doom bands. Sort your names out!

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well whether they were grebo or indie dance or alternative. They definitely weren’t pop. The complete antithesis of it I would guess. great t-shirts though.

Chance the Rapper


Folk Implosion

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The psychedelic furs

Iggy Pop Barker

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You should, they’re very good.

Black Midi

not very psychedelic though, disallowed!

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Sly and the Family Drone

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Psychic TV

Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
Jazz Jeff.

Neither of which were particularly funky or jazzy but were called Mark and Jeff respectively.

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Our Emo Speedwagon


Parrapa the Rapper

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Fast Food Rockers


Grand Funk Railroad

The Surfaris

Kid Rock

UB40, the UB stands for Utter Bollocks.