Bands you are surprised John Peel liked

I have been looking at John Peel Wiki and have discovered he was a fan of…

The Bluetones
Inspiral Carpets

Also, feel free to mention bands you are surprised he didn’t like.

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Pet Shop Boys

The gentle ticking off he gives the few listeners (“a handful of malcontents”) who turned their noses up at the very idea of a PSB sesh is something to treasure


Didnt he marry a 15 year old

Not heard of them


The Locust

He loved death metal and it’s like. I believe Napalm death had multiple peel sessions

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He played Idioteque the week Kid A came out saying if it was an unknown band he would’ve played it anyway. Wasn’t a Radiohead fan per se though

Er no-one that’s the whole point of John Peel?


He spent ages telling me about how much he loved Status Quo when I interviewed him. Good lad.


What was he like ? Loved him.growing up!

He famously didn’t like Bruce Springsteen. When i first started listening to music, Springsteen was a total joke. After john peel died, Springsteen suddenly became acceptable again. No idea if this was a coincidence, or evidence of peels influence.

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Can I just repeat this point before more people go on about how great he was

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yep strikes me really weird how much he gets a free pass cause he had a good taste in music

See also: Most musicians where groupies are involved

+ david bowie
+ iggy pop

Not really an excuse

He was a real legend but, somehow, as much as it irks me because I grew up influenced by his DJ output, there maybe something wrong.

got up to some dodgy stuff as a young man in the 60s when it was unfortunately very much the done thing in the rock scene (and probably beyond) with teenage groupies and all that weird shit.

beyond that point as far as i know he had a perfectly healthy relationship with his appropriately aged wife for 30 years and remained an otherwise very normal guy.

he was also very good at his job.

not going to defend what he got up to in his 20s but i don’t think the first and last points are mutually exclusive and that we need to write off the whole body of professional work of everyone who did that sort of thing.


Did I say it was?

Nice guy. Bit grumpy. Clocked me as a Fairweather listener to his show instantly.