Bands you like but whose new releases don't give you a stiffy anymore


Fucking love of Montreal. Thought Aureate Gloom was their best for a long time but then found out hey had a new one out and was like “can’t be added”.

Stiffy can be replaced with another word of choice


Belle and Sebastian are the first band who spring to mind. Don’t think they’ve produced a decent album since 2003.




Good shout. Was obsessed with him growing up, barely a passing interest these days


I’m having an argument with my mates about him and I think the last time he put out a really good album the whole way through was probably ‘Sea Change’. Is that unfair?


Nah, you’re about right. Weirdly Guero and The Information sound more dated than Odelay and Mellow Gold too.


Of Montreal just seem to constantly have a new album out, and I can never keep up.


I think that’s the problem, and their sound is SO distinctive that unless you give it the time it just sounds like genericofmontrealsong#5395


It’s like when you find out about an old band and want to check out their old stuff, but they turn out to have about 50 albums and you don’t know whether it’s actually 50 albums of good stuff, or just that they put out every song idea they had.


and before you know it you’re listening to the best of the beatles


Less Than Jake. Absolutely love them, but haven’t bought anything by them since GNV FLA and that came out in 2008!

Just checked and they’ve released 2 albums since that. I swear they’d chucked out some more in that time. Ska punk slackers.



I’ll usually enjoy it, but still feel like it could’ve been better.


yeah, this. I don’t think I’ve really listened to anything new of their since False Priest. I also don’t see how they can top the run of Sunlandic Twins/Hissing Fauna/Skeletal Lamping.


Death grips

Pearl jam




ooh The Hold Steady too. Feel like I’m betraying the by saying that😕


British Sea Power


Primal Scream

Haven’t heard one of theirs since Riot City Blues put me off

The Charlatans

Love their early stuff (up to Us & Us Only), cba post-Wonderland. Gave the last one a go and liked it, though


I thought Hardcore Will Never Die… was pretty decent. Rano Pano especially. Rave Tapes, not so much


Us & us only is a gem.


pretty much every ‘indie rock band’

Guided by voices
everyone really