Bands you love musically but hate their visual aesthetic

I thought of this because I love The National but I hate all of their artwork, t-shirts, most of their videos (with the exception of Apartment Story).

On the whole if I love a bands music I’ll at least have a passing connection to their visual identity (Radiohead, Tool etc) but The National seem to be an oddity.

Are they any bands you feel this way about?

Jimmy Nail

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RATM, System of a Down, most indie folk artists

Don’t you like crocodile shoes?

She’s lying


I find Tool’s aesthetic a bit try-hard (and not particularly well done, although he is in the band so fair enough), and Primus’ artwork is always ugly as fuck, but I think this might be intentional.

St Vincent.

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Every picture of Green Day is infuriating.




Dunno why Snapped Ankles wear those weird caveman-type costumes. Maybe if your first intro to them was at a gig it would seem interesting but I heard their music first and then saw some pictures and it just struck me as very pointless.

I like the album cover aesthetic though, that was what got me interested in hearing them in the first place.

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Why is the studio so cold?

Is Alex Jones…a lizard??

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They get worse as time goes on.

I thought they started to look a bit more grown up circa-Warning but it didn’t take them long to regress again

I think if Tre Cool stops making those faces he gets thrown out of the band, it’s the most reasonable explanation.

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Haters always gonna hate.