Bands you might have seen live

After that first Factory Floor album came out I said to a mate I wasn’t into it but they’d probably be decent live. He told me we’d already seen them supporting The Horrors a couple of years prior. Vaguely remember seeing 2 people on a stage playing droney arpeggiated stuff but still not convinced it was them tbh.

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At stealth yeah. A Thursday night club nme gig. Saw some bands play to pitiful crowds there!

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I saw that tour at University of London Union - Pelican were touring their worst record and got off to a VERY slow start before getting into some The Fire In The Throats… stuff later on. High on Fire, on the other hand, were brilliant.

Back when I was growing up, people were always banging on about how good a band Jeff Killed John were. My band and theirs were definitely meant to be on a lineup together at some point, but I can’t remember if it actually happened in the end. I also can’t even remember if I got round to seeing them live in the end, because there was a lot of metal going about Bridgend that I didn’t have any time for. Thing was, people went on about this lot a lot, so I can’t remember if I saw them or not in the end.

Anyway, a little while afterwards they renamed themselves to Bullet For My Valentine.

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Apparently I really, really enjoyed Blonde Redhead at the first ATP, but I was blackout drunk so I don’t remember a thing about it. I was just stood by myself dancing like crazy apparently.

That was the one I went to - did they play before HoF then? Absolutely no recollection of them at all.


Had a gin-induced complete blackout at the last Primavera where I apparently saw Charli XCX but remember nothing about it.

Came around for FKA Twigs later in the night though.

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Either the black angels or white denim. I may have seen one of them at reading.

aye, Pelican were on first. They didn’t say anything and were so dull I assumed it was some local opening band until about 5/6 songs in when they played something I recognised!

Dimensions Festival 2013

I went with a couple of friends who knew what they wanted to see. I have no idea who I saw so pretty much everything on the lineup I might have seen

Had a great time and saw a lot very good stuff tbf

Ash at v97. I was there, they were there… did i see them? Who knows.

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I’ve only been to 2 festivals (both ben and jerrys) but because they had rides, unlimited ice cream including rare flavours and a petting zoo, I barely paid attention to the music. So whoever played those, I may have seen them but idk.

None of it rings a bell tbh

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I saw the longcut in stealth. My mate and I were among 4 others there. For a while we were the only people in the room and several people from the venue asked us if we were the band. Looking back I wish we’d said we were and just gone for it.

(possibly) seeing an Ash festival set while eating unlimited ice cream in a big field on a sunny day sounds amazing.


Don’t know the music of any of these groups but know how fun it is to ride a helter skelter or watch an alpaca have some lunch so that won over :laughing: i remember though both times the weather was incredible, wish they put this festival on again!

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Oh that sounds great.
Alpacas, theme Park rides and some good bands AND ice cream?
I am envious tbh.
Ash would be a fine fit cos they’re upbeat poppy rock.
Maximo Park also would be a real good high energy act.

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I went to the Ben & Jerry’s festival every year. Some cracking bands and all you can eat ice-cream for about a fiver each. Was the best! That poster up there, I went to the Maximo Park day, but Ash did headline on another year and I can confirm it was a blast!

Ash for me as well. I went to a whole bunch of music festivals between 2000 and 2002. They must have been on a mid-afternoon Main Stage slot when I was sat with a beer at some point.

I absolutely definitely might have seen Fun Lovin’ Criminals, not a clue.

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