Bands you might have seen live

I have seen Raein either 2 or 3 times. I do not know as I was blackout drunk when they played CMAR fest.

All whacked off of Scooby Snacks?

No, not even on Scoobysnacksbook. Looking at the Leeds festival line-up for 2001 they played between Supergrass who i definitely saw and the Manics who i definitely saw, so there’s a very good chance I have watched them, but I definitely can’t remember.


Rokay :dog: :smile::+1:

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Yes, I was at Leeds that year and watched the Supergrass/FLC/Manics run. FLC were absolutely dreadful.

You see I feel like I would remember that. There’s a chance I went to see Teenage Fanclub instead, but I’m not sure…

We put them on at the angel before lockdown. Was a few more people there then

Just Remembered I was at this. Holy Fuck were great.

Daft Punk at Sankey’s Soap…
I went… but have zero memory due to taking mdma for the first time just prior to going in :frowning:

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I saw an old Reading festival poster. I remember seeing the bands on the main stage before and after Ice Cube but I have no recollection of see Mr Cube perform. Maybe I went for some noodles.

Pulp. Reading 2002

I like Pulp. They played between Jane’s Addiction and The Strokes, both of whom i watched. Cant see anyone on the bill i would have watched instead

Did i see them? Absolutely no idea


I woke up with a headache and a Deftones hoodie.

They were very very good that night.

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Apparently I saw Foals support Blur when they did their reunion thing about 10 years ago. I remember Crystal Castles, Golden Silvers and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from that day, but not Foals.

It’s extra weird that I really liked Foals at the time and didn’t really care much for the other three. I even have photographs of Foals from the day. But absolutely no memory of it happening at all.

Loved the Ben and Jerry’s festivals, especially the year Super Furry Animals and Teenage Fanclub played. Or The Lemonheads doing ‘Its a Shame About Ray’ in full…

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The dinosaur Jr thread has prompted me not to remember their co-headline set with built to spill ten or so years ago.

TBF they’ve been awesome whenever I’ve seen them but hard to pick out something distinctive from other times, maybe that’s it.

I feel like I have probably seen Oasis at an early 00s festival but which one I am unsure. They did Reading one year but I may have gone back to the tent to get pished and just listened to them drifting over the fields.

I saw them. They wore sparkly shirts.