Bands you most wish to see reform to play live...and the likelihood thereof

…seeing as so many have reformed to such success…let’s go with the below…marks out of ten are how likely I perceive the reformation to be…

Madder Rose (7/10)
Simon & Garfunkel (5/10)
Fugazi (8/10)
Galaxie 500 (7/10)
Catherine Wheel (7/10)
Talk Talk (2/10)
Talking Heads (5/10)
Adorable (6/10)
Cocteau Twins (3/10)
The Jam (2/10)
Blue Nile (5/10)
Pale Saints (5/10)
Codeine (6/10) - I missed that Primavera gig :frowning:
Christie Front Drive (5/10)
The Clean (6/10)

Botch (no idea what likelihood is)

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Ligament. Seems moderately unlikely but they did for a couple of gigs once so never say never…

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The clean have never split up…

Yeah, this.

Robert’s been recording and touring with the Bats, so I don’t know when we’ll see the Clean again, but they’re still active. and re-issued an album (Getaway) last year.

Fans of the Clean should definitely check out the Bats if you haven’t - playing a few UK gigs in June: Gigs | The Bats

Mr Bungle (5/10?)

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no idea on the likelihood, but wouldve loved to have seen crash of rhinos live.

Talking Heads (4/10)
R.E.M (in the next two years? 1/10. In the next 10-15 years? 7/10)
ABBA (3/10)
Chairlift (6/10)
NWA (4/10)
Pink Floyd (4/10)
The Knife (again maybe in 5-10 years, 8/10)

Some others I’m not sure about. Guess the Smiths is about 4/10 but tbh Morrisey is such an embarrassment ATM I’m not convinced it’d be good. Also don’t know enough of the band members of Roxy Musoc outside Ferry and Eno to know if it’s even possible. Don’t really know if it’s fair to want a Sonic Youth reunion given the history between members

Elliot Smith (0.1/10)

Thanks, just picked up Bats tickets.


The Smiths (can’t see it happening, but seeing as they’re both playing Smiths songs solo, why not?)
Talking Heads (3/10)
Straitjacket Fits (full original lineup, 0/10)
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (no idea)
Husker Du (1/10)
The Duke & The King (no idea)
Headless Chickens (5/10)

Would probably go see REM and NWA, tbh.

Could you IMAGINE how insufferable the crowd would be during a Smith’s reunion tour. Probably be the worst crowd ever


They would be the absolute worst. Reckon it will definitely happen though as Morrissey’s two favourite things are expensive gigs and being contrary.

Gorky’s - 5/10.

Richard, Megan and Euros recently (by which I mean, in the past two years) played a very short set together. I think they mainly played each others solo songs, but closed with How I Long To Feel That Summer.

Also, they apparently played Red Rocks:

They didn’t exactly split up so long as stop playing together. And as this video proves, there’s no love lost. I even heard they played a friend’s wedding!

But at the same time, they all seem preoccupied with their own pursuits.

So while it’s not impossible, I’m not sure it’s going to happen any time soon.

Here’s mine!

The Beta Band (4/10)
R.E.M. (0/10)
Talking Heads (0/10)
The Delgados (?/10)

Think REM is closer to 10/10 than 0/10, excepting any deaths. They have no beef with one another and at some point they’re going to want a paycheck.

OutKast again (dunno/10)

The reunion/comeback well is pretty much dry now. Talking Heads and Fugazi are probably the only two that would make me stand up and pay attention, but won’t happen.

there was an even a recent reunion-ish gig:

granted, whether they reunite with Bill Berry is questionable (though he did play the linked gig), but I’d still peg an REM reunion as probably the most likely one mentioned so far.

Talking heads/10

Aye? Interesting. I don’t know why I put a probability tbh, I have no idea what the chances are :slight_smile:

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