Bands You Once Hated But Now Like

So Iceage’s new one is one of my favourites of the year, but I found their earlier stuff boring af despite giving it repeated listens. Any bands you’ve had this sort of experience with?

Haha yeah. Queens of the Stone Age, Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Daughter, Elbow, Wet Wet Wet, Green Day, Martha, Silversun Pickups

All disliked them at some point. All now either love or enjoy albums by.

Manic Street Preachers.

Started hating them. Then liked them. I’m heading towards disliking them. I’m a fickle man.


Back in the day, hated Pavement :open_mouth:

Saw them live on the Slanted & Enchanted tour and just couldn’t understand it at all. Just all seemed unnecessarily sloppy and silly.

Then, around the early 00s, picked up the first three albums cheap on CD and was just blown away :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Teenage me was an idiot…


Guns n Roses


As a kid, The Beach Boys. I just thought they were a bubblegum pop surf band.

As a teenager I got into Pet Sounds and Smile. Loved them.

I saw Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds at a London theatre (maybe the Lyceum in 2006) and again last year on holiday in Austin, Texas. Pet Sounds is in my top five favourite albums ever.


I had basically this exact experience, saw them in 1993. Felt sorry for Pavement, most people were there for the local support band.

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Also The Cure, The Ramones (I was young and stupid).

Opposite to me - saw them touring around then a few times and whilst I loved Crooked Rain, everything else (whilst good) from that point on was downhill (not sloppy enough).


The Bends bored me silly. Remained unimpressed with OKC on release. Giant reversal of that opinion came with Kid A.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Hated them, now in my top 3.

Prince. For reasons that I cannot now fathom I thought that his music was dull (bar the odd single). Realised that I had been a moron far too late.


Also really hated The Cure when I first heard them in 1990. But that’s just because “Never Enough” was a bit heavy for my poor wee MC Hammer-loving ears. Changed my mind about them in 1992 when they put “Friday I’m in Love” out.

Really hated Belle and Sebastian when they had “If You’re Feeling Sinister” out but not for any good reason. Took me a long, long time to actually start liking them.

Used to hate the Stone Roses and thought they were massively overrated, then started liking them a bit about 10 years ago, and not bothered either way now.

Took me ages to like Aphex Twin too - weird.

Arctic Monkeys are the obvious ones for me, still don’t really like any of their previous stuff but this new album is one of my faves of the year so far.

I don’t know about ‘hated’ but there have been loads of bands and artists over the years that I didn’t like at all but ended up falling for hard.

As a teenager I can remember thinking that
David Bowie was awful - that was partly because my teenage years coincided with his awful late 80s period and it was not as easy to look into back catalogues as it is now. I can vividly remember hearing The Jean Genie for the first time at a dance at University and being shaken to the core by how brilliant it was. A friend lent me a tape of Changes One and Two and it blew my mind. Bowie’s been probably the most important artist in my life ever since.

It’s happened loads of times since because I’m always looking for new music, questioning assumptions I have about stuff I know I’ve not really listened to properly before. It’s much easier to do this now because you can give anything a try at no financial cost these days.

I fell hard for Black Sabbath a few years ago because I have a bit of a blind spot for metal/heavy music and wanted to go back to the source. I absolutely love those first six albums now (in fact my whole family are now Sabbath addicts).

Sometimes you just need to listen to something to get it (Sabbath worked for me from the first time I actually listened to them properly instead of writing them off as ‘not for me’) and sometimes you just have to wait for the moment when a band is right for you. I’d tried to listen to Steely Dan a few times over the years because they were name-checked by people and bands I admired but they left me completely cold. Then one day I tried again and they just clicked for me and became a bit of an obsession and definitely one of my most treasured bands.

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Vampire Weekend is the main one. Was really thrown off by the “Eh!Eh!Eh!Eh!” in A-Punk. Think I saw them do Cousins on Glastonbury highlights and the penny dropped.

Teenage me was an idiot that thought any music not made on real instruments by real musicians wasn’t worth listening to so thought all electronic music and hip-hop was rubbish.

Oh so much this^! Wrote off all metal/hardcore etc, “just a bunch of screaming and shouting isn’t it” Isis were the gateway drug for me as they were doing a lot of the same post-rocky things that a lot of the post-rock bands I loved at the time were doing (but better).

Same as you with Hip Hop (not “real music” is it, teenage me thought), MF Doom was my gateway as he was an absolute champ in his heyday.

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Yeah, Beastie Boys did it for me I think.

Reckon my early experiences of Hip Hop would have been 50 Cent and Eminem though and likewise Electronic music would have been DJ Sammy or classmates Bonkers or Cream Anthems compilations.

For the record, Heaven by DJ Sammy is an absolute screamer!

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For some reason I really disliked The Walkmen when The Rat started getting airtime, took a few years before I went back to it and got obsessed.