Bands you wish had only released their debut album


I’ll start with Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.


My Vitriol


To be fair, they could have stopped earlier…


This was always going to be the first reply & the only reply that mattered


Technically, their second “album” is an available-to-everyone, fan-only, £10 (but briefly cheaper on itunes, and youtube, etc) out-takes and old songs collection. I forget, it’s complicated. They haven’t done their “proper” second album yet. I hear it will have electronic drums.


Sorry, £2.37 on a popular online music retailer’s website…



Nah second one is decent.


Guns N’ Roses


Hey now - there are lots of bits from other albums that are good imo


G n r and 80’s matchbox are both excellent suggestions.

(the) verve.


Oasis seem a decent shout here.


Bloc Party


Wu-Tang Clan



Forever is one of the best Wu records!


absolutely not



Come at me, DiS.


queued up for it on day of release (!)

never been so disappointed in an album.


Always been a crew of weirdos who couldn’t get on with this or Life After Death. Both have some filler but ultimately the world would be a much sadder place without them.

Also I want to keep The W too. Suck it. :wink:


A few EPs and singles, the big first album, Knebworth, game over. Like the Stone Roses, minus the Second Coming.


Wu-Tang Ban request for this nonsense