Bands you wish had only released their debut album


DJ Shadow


There was enough on A Northern Soul to justify it’s existence (plus some reasonable b-sides), but ubiquity killed Urban Hymns and they shouldn’t have bothered with Forth. There’s a very good argument to say that A Storm In Heaven distilled their space rock beginnings into a tidy song-led format and they never surpassed it. Got that beautifully packaged box set reissue of ASIH and it’s probably all the Verve anyone needs…


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I think I agree with about 70% of this. Just trim the singles from Urban Hymns and you’ve got a very good album on your hands - Catching The Butterfly is my absolute favourite song of theirs.

Also, Forth is extremely good once you get past the stodgy opening two songs.

Actually, I don’t agree with much of your post at all.


:grinning: maybe I should give Forth another go. Liked Urban Hymns at the time, but like Elbow’s One Day Like This, it suffered massively from too much airtime. Catching the Butterfly was the closest to their previous sound, and I remember it was my favourite (from that album). There’s little to beat the triple whammy of She’s A Superstar, Feel and Gravity Grave for me. Having said that, nearly any three song run on ASIH is almost as strong. I’m struggling to agree with myself!


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah








System of a Down






I love the second album as much as the first…


I think they should have left it after Mr Beast. I don’t think I could tell the tracks from their latest few albums apart when I saw them live.


The rot had already set in halfway through the second track on C.O.D.Y.


Took me years to get into Mogwai so might be talking as a newb, but I think Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will and the one after that were pretty great too.


hardcore is my fav album of theirs


Arcade Fire


Private Press is superb - just wasn’t as amazing after Endtroducing had already happened.

The Mountain Must Fall is actually great too - way shorter, tighter and with fewer pointless features than the two albums before :+1:


not if any non-fans want a CD: