Bands you wish had only released their debut album


false. that’s probably their best album.


I think the cd was closer to £15, but I could be wrong.


currently £15.99, or £30 (!!) if you want it signed.


Undoubtedly not worth it. Now I’d buy ma0sm’s tribute if it were made available…




think the second gets a bit of an unfair rap


cant believe i’m defending Use Your Illusions here, but there are a few cracking tracks on those two records. Emphasis on few admittedly, but still.


Definitely their best, but there’s just about enough on Going Blank Again.


There’s never been a band that have declined so steadily and consistently with each new album though.


Heh…that’s true, although I have some small hope that the new one will be better than Tarantula. Even by a little. Mind you, what isn’t better than Tarantula?


Opened the thread to say 80s Matchbox!

Some of the stuff on the second album was alright (Mr Mental etc), but if they’d just released the first album, toured it with the blistering live shows they were playing at the time and then split up i’d always felt they would have been regarded in years to come as our generation’s Stooges or Sex Pistols.


If you edit it down to a single album (an exercise which I have done in the past :neutral_face: ) then it’s actually great. You end up with some of the punky attitude of their debut (You Could Be Mine), but an overall much more melancholic tone (Don’t Cry) and some real progression/ambition with some of the longer songs (Civil War, Estranged, Coma). Personal choice as to whether to include November Rain or not natch.


I also enjoyed Chinese Democracy…


agree with those. can’t see November Rain making my ‘twelve’, lets say, but i’d certainly include all three of Izzy’s compositions - Dust N’ Bones, 14 Years & Double Talkin’ Jive.


Could you please share a link here???

had you bought in £2.37 ??? really


Amazon, but it’s actually just three tracks. Either way, a rip off at 2.37…


Head Automatica


nope nope nope. also yourcodenameis:milo’s second album is really good. some Bad Opinions on this thread. go back to taking the piss out of my vitriol please.




The Killers


If DJ Shadow had only made one album, that would be terrible. Endtroducing is a classic but the rest of his work is great too. I find it really odd when the rest of his work is dismissed because it is not necessarily in the same style. His last album, The Mountain Will Fall, is well worth listening to and his collaborations with Cut Chemist, Quannum, Dan The Automator and recently with Run The Jewels are all amazing. I think that because of the way he works, a lot of his best stuff doesn’t really fit into traditional album formats.