Bands you wish had only released their debut album


Yeah, Shadow’s tendency is to sprawl when given the space (new one aside, maybe he’s gotten over it). There were half a dozen quality tunes in albums 3 and 4 - he should have released a couple of EPs as and when.

The counterpoint is Burial, who released two top albums, then stopped doing albums altogether and just does EPs and singles now and then. Basically every Burial track is quality nowadays, and hype is always up for new stuff.


Interpol innit




^ Not this


Would have to agree for Outsiders alone.


Exactly! Absolute gem


The Strokes
Kings of Leon`


First half of Antics plus their latest are ace


Also, The Mars Volta


A world without Frances The Mute would be a dark place indeed.


Espranza is one the band. which I wish had only released their debut album.