bands you've never seen live for ❓ some reason ❓

you like them, they’ve played near you plenty of times, you always mean to grab a ticket … and yet somehow it’s never happened yet. Who are they?

inspired by sticking on Superchunk this morning, must have played up here about 5 times since the reunion albums (did they ever actually break up?) but they remain probably the last of my fuzzy 90s favs that I haven’t managed to catch yet. Odd as the new albums were always solid with a few gems, so that plus the classics would make for a great time

also Young Fathers, but that’s more due to the fact I got into them way later than I should have, so only really missed a couple of gigs before they went on hiatus. But such a good local band to have passed me by for so long still counts/irritates me

Somehow never seen Converge, I had a ticket to see them about 10 years ago but didn’t go because I think it clashed with a football match. Every time they’ve played since I haven’t been able to make it for various reasons. Also Shellac, despite going to multiple Primaveras it’s just never lined up properly for me to see them.

Given that they’re from here, tour all the time and are at nearly every festival I go to it’s a miracle I’ve never seen Idles (and all being well, never will).

Hot Snakes, despite having seen both Drive Like Jehu AND Rocket From The Crypt

Yep, same. Had a couple of opportunities and never took them.

Others (not including older legacy like Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cave, REM ect)…

American Football
Pedro The Lion
Phoebe Bridgers
Sleater Kinney

Suppose I’m splitting my “not seen” into pre babies and post babies as there are a host of rich-t centric bands I’ve got into (florist, lomelda, frankie cosmos to name a couple) that I’d have loved to see, but yknow, kids

I think I’ve shared this before but REM. My friend who was responsible for getting our tickets for the Green tour failed to do so, I had a ticket for the Monster tour which was cancelled due to Bill Berry’s illness, and I also had a ticket for Glastonbury 2003 (when they headlined) but was unable to go. I did have other opportunities to see them but I’d lost interest later in the career - I still kick myself.
However, I did get to see Superchunk.

Tbf whenever they come over here they seem to just play a London show, the Brudenell in Leeds, and that’s yer lot.

I have seen them (Pitchfork fest 2011) but it was before I really knew a lot of their stuff. Would love to see them again.

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lets go if they play anywhere even vaguely northern again soon :handshake:

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I am not lying I swear but I have never seen Shellac live.


Sharon Van Etten, New Order- always wrong place, wrong time.

LIFE seem to constantly be on tour and always play Notts but it’s always when I’m away or when I was too Covid anxious to go to gigs. Now their instore tour is in the middle of the train strikes, and their October tour very close to a trip abroad so again a risk for catching Covid and not being able to go.

Took me 30 years to get around to Depeche Mode- as a teen/student/ minimum wage could never afford the tickets, then they toured when we just paid a rental deposit etc, finally saw them in 2017.

I’ve been consciously ticking some of these off in recent years. Only saw Hot Water Music & American Football fairly recently. Essentially bands I love that I’ve had ample opportunities to see, but for absolutely no reason didn’t bother for 15-20 years!

Dillinger Escape Plan. Had loads of opportunities over the years and then left it too late!

Green Day, there was a time that i would have been so so happy to see them but it just never happened. Mostly because i am a little afraid of festivals and haven’t ever been to one apart from the ben and jerrys festival which doesnt count bc i was there for ice cream rather than the music

i love this


Sonic Youth were the main one. Used to play Glasgow fairly regularly whenever they toured a new album. Wanted to see them when they were doing Daydream Nation in full but wouldn’t go because I couldn’t find a pal to go with (wouldn’t stop me now). Then they broke up.

Never seen Japandroids :pensive:

Fiona Apple

Not helped by the fact she rarely if ever tours.

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:100: this

fine to skip things if you prefer going with friends, but not if missing it still gives you FOMO afterwards! stupid brains

Dont think theyve played Ireland in at least 20 years.
Get the finger out Mac, Laura etc !

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I’m very good at seeing bands I like when they play here, so the reason is usually “they never play here” or “I got into them too late”

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Rule of thumb is - if you like them and theyre playing here, GO if at all possible - might be the only chance (particularly if theyre non Ireland/UK)